compost pile

by kailia

Composting Basics

For hundreds of years, gardeners have been using compost.In only six weeks, San Franciscans will be required to put their food scraps in green.


you need tree. you need leaves and roots. you need natetrace leaves.


the natetrace is green b/c green and borne.


a mixture of various decaying organic substances, as dead leaves or manure, used for fertilizing soil.90 days of processing.A vegetable garden is more than what you see on the surface — dirt, plants and (hopefully!)

Backyard Composting

Select a dry, shady spot near a water source for your compost pile or bin.Once your compost pile is established, mix grass clippings and green waste into the pile and bury fruit and vegetable waste under 10 inches of compost material.

cold and hot composting.

Before you start piling on, recognize that there are two types of composting: cold and hot. Cold composting is as simple as collecting yard waste or taking out the organic materials in your trash