Sky Ranch Gazette

Halli, Carson, John, Jack

Horse Back Riding By: Buckaroo Britney

This is Buckaroo Britney writing from the trails of Sky Ranch! Here at Sky Ranch there are many fun expedition, but I have chosen horse back riding! At Sky Ranch they make sure everyone is safe on there horse. You must wear a helmet while riding on a horse.I even got to go on a ride myself. My horses name was Rebeca! The weather here has left puddles in the horse pasture where we road our horse. Well that about raps it up!

I'm Buckaroo Britney. see you on the trails!

More Fun For Kids!

Expedition At Sky Ranch!

Hi, it's Carson the Carrot here with breaking news! Sky Ranch (The most interesting place on earth) is letting kids pet animals that we thought we would never see!
Diego, a fourth grader from O.C. Taylor has just exited the amazing class. I talked with him a few minutes ago. He said that he got to pet huge Lizards, crazy Snakes, and a Chinchilla which is the animal with the most fur on earth. I asked him what his favorite part was and he said " When I got to touch a Tarantula."
This is just crazy! Sky Ranch is teaching and doing this everyday to thousands of kids! It defiantly sounds like a lot of fun is happening everyday at Sky Ranch.
This has been Carson the Carrot reporting from Sky Ranch, expedition classroom.

american indains at sky ranch

We are reporting from sky ranch about American Indians my name is phli and heres bob to tell us about sky ranch American Indians ". He told me that you make bracelets and shoot bow and arrows.bob also told me that me that sky ranch
American Indians is a learning lesson and you get to see where they live and what weapons they use to hunt animals. They use tools to do some work . They have signs to show what they can do and why there ferce. La Salle is the Indians enemies he is a sailor from France. He traded weapons for fur from the Indians. He's there because he got ship-wreaked on the Indian American island. And he's staying there so La Salle can get some resources so he can sell it at France. You learn to corn grind so you can do it yourself. You join the tribe by getting an Indian name. I got Big Fish as my Indian name. Also you get face paint to look like a Indian. It's Phil reporting from Sky Ranch.

Zip-line at Sky Ranch

Hello, my name is the Real Bobert The Rich. This is an interview of Dora The Explorer. What Dora likes the most about Sky Ranch is the zip-line. Her magical backpack agrees too. She says there was a breath-taking view when on the zip-line of Sky Ranch. Too bad her brother was afraid of heights. Diego was a little shaken up. Dora says the zip-line is completely safe and there's nothing to worry about. From the tower you could see people play dodge ball. The second person I interviewed is really scared of heights and did not want go on. That's all for today. The Bobert The Rich signing off.

remember Sky Ranch is open for summer camp and there is also a launch camp in the DFW area!