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Happy Holidays

This is the last week before we head into winter break. I want you to know that I spend a fair amount of time in classrooms observing teaching and helping out. I am simply proud of the work that our teachers and students do on a daily basis. We're a family.

As a staff we come together frequently to learn about best practices and share our efforts with one another. We learn together about how to best supports students and be at our best every day. We make mistakes, we own those and support each other as we work to get better. We see mistakes as opportunities to get better and start fresh. I say this because we do the same for your students.

Students need to know that failure is probably one of the est things that can happen in life. When we fail we learn. One of the worst things we can do to our students is protect them from some of their mistakes. As a parent I am always trying to protect my children, but I also recognize that failure in our routines, our endeavors, goals, hopes and dreams does not constitute a failure as a person. Quite the contrary, it is how we learn about ourselves and how we become better people.

I want to recognize all the families in the Churchill community that bring their students to this school. You have shown great resolve and commitment to your kids. We here at Churchill high school join you in that commitment and are here to help your student when they fall down, to help them back up, and to help guide and coach them on to success. Our promise to you is that we will make your student feel safe, special, and ensure that they learn.

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In The Know

From the Health Center - As your school health center, our goal is to get students back to class quickly after their appointments and minimize missed school time (compared to if they had an appt off school campus). If you have any concerns about your student missing your class time, please reach out and let us know. We can try to work on finding a better time, especially for those students who have standing weekly appointments.

Office Hours - All staff at Churchill high school host 'office hours' so that students are able to connect with them and get help. Teacher office hours are now listed on the website for families and students to view. The menu is alphabetical, so Office Hours is between New Students and Report a Tip. Here's the link for your review:

Screenagers Resources - Your students may have had the opportunity to view the movie Screenagers last week. Additionally, we offered a free viewing the week prior to families in our community. Please see these important resources for follow up discussions with your family.

Tech Time Circles - This is a great, free resource for people to continue the conversation started with Screenagers. Please feel free to share this widely with your community that has seen the movie. The only thing I ask is that you let me know if you do send this out to your community. We'd love to hear how they are going.

What Are Tech Time Circles? - Friendly conversations about issues related to screen-time and device use. Parents, kids, friends, family and community members gather in the comfort of their homes to speak, listen and learn how best to manage screen time and the effects it is having on our wellbeing. We provide you with links to free guides to help get it going. Currently, we have 3 Tech Talk Circles, and will roll out more in the next few months:

  1. Social Media Tech Talk Circle
  2. Video Games Tech Talk Circle
  3. Time Tech Talk Circle

How to Get the Conversation Started

Welcome everyone and thank them for being there and being part of this important conversation, especially the children. Let them know that their opinions matter and will be heard. Remind the group to be considerate, especially when they don’t agree with what others are saying. It’s a good idea to have an item that can be passed around and held by the person speaking. This will ensure one speaker at a time and eliminate interruptions.

Keeping the conversation friendly and flowing - Tell everyone all ideas and experiences are welcome, but it is important to talk with purpose and intent. Help link commonalities. If things get heated, acknowledge the concept is upsetting and remind everyone it is essential to be open and judgment-free. This is a friendly conversation meant to raise awareness about screen time, and help everyone make good, healthy choices when it comes to tech use.

How to wrap up the conversation - Thank everyone for coming. Reiterate some of the key points that were made. Remind everyone to remain aware of their screen time use.

Dental Opportunity - Feb 19th 2019. The LCC dental clinic has given Churchill 10 slots for dental visits, including cleaning, x-rays, and sealants if needed. This will happen during the school day and 4J will provide transportation to and from the LCC dental clinic. If you would like your student to be included, please complete the attached form and turn it in to the front office, or email it to Nurse Kim at Priority will be given to students that have barriers to dental care (financial, transportation etc).

Oportunidad dental, 19 de febrero, 2019. La clínica dental de LCC le ha dado a Churchill 10 espacios para visitas dentales, incluyendo limpieza, radiografías y selladores, si es necesario.
Esto sucederá durante el día escolar y 4J proporcionará transporte hacia y desde la clínica dental de LCC. Si desea que se incluya a su estudiante, complete el formulario adjunto y envíelo a la oficina principal, o envíelo por correo electrónico a la enfermera Kim ( Se dará prioridad a los estudiantes que tienen barreras para el cuidado dental (financial, transporte, etc.).

Looking Forward

Monday, 12/17

3:45 pm — Oregon Promise application Workshop

Tuesday, 12/18

3:45 pm — Curriculum Council

Wednesday, 12/19

3:45 pm — LCC Placement Testing

Thursday, 12/20

FIRE DRILL (3rd period)

Friday, 12/21


2:30 pm — Cookie Palooza Staff Appreciation

Next Week...

12/24–1/5 ❄❅❆⛄ WINTER BREAK ❅❄

Monday, 1/7 NO SCHOOL (Professional Development)


1/9 — Fire Drill (4th period)

1/10 — Blood Drive

1/11 — Advisory Schedule

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I would like to thank Kris Galago who invested enormous amounts of time planning and facilitating the International Human Rights event at CHS. Your work has made a significant and helpful contribution to our community. I would also like to underscore Kris' compliments/kudos below.

A big thank you to Food Service Coordinator Mary Hicks for stepping up to help a student in need. One of our 9th graders lost her home to a mid-morning fire on Monday. As the student waited in the office for her father to pick her up, Mary stopped in the middle of what she was doing and put together an emergency food box for the two of them. The student and father were very grateful for both the sustenance and the kindness shown. Another great example of "the Lancer way," Mary!

Kevin Summerfield & Tiny Galago - Thank you so much for all your hard work and supporting the International Human Rights Day event last Sunday at Churchill High School. We appreciate all your personal time and efforts with our student volunteers as they developed their servant leadership skills under your guidance. We also had several Churchill student volunteers truly emanate the spirit of Aloha (kindness, unity, pleasantness, humility, and patience) throughout the event. On behalf of the WeCU work group, please accept our Mahalo nui loa (most heartfelt gratitude) for all your efforts, it was truly appreciated!

Please also express a huge MAHALO to the following Churchill staff who were key in making our event as success:

Zak Scotton - Project Success, Coffee Cart

Keith Fjordbeck & Scott Adney - Custodial Staff

Mary Hicks - Food Services

Jill Reents - Office Administration

Misael Flores - Administration staff

Alex Patton & Students - Auditorium Technical staff

Churchill High School

Excellence Every Day for Every Lancer!