Jacobs Rescue: A Holocaust Story

Main Characters:

Jacob is a Jewish boy who is saved from the ghetto and taken in by Alex and Mela. His name was changed to Genyek. Alex and Mela took in Jacob during WWII. They already had 2 children at home. The couple risked their lives, along with their children's lives, to keep Jacob safe.


Jacobs Rescue is about a boy named Jacob, who was a Jewish boy during the holocaust. He was taken in by the Roslans after being placed in the Warsaw Ghetto, at risk of being sent to a death camp like Auschwitz or Treblinka. He stayed hidden in a house for years, waiting for the war to be over. When the war was finally over he went to stay with his father in Berlin and lost touch with the Roslans until years later.

Righteous of Nations Award

The Roslan's deserved the righteous of nations award for many reasons. Alex and Mela sheltered Jewish boys during WWII, risking their lives as well as their children's lives. Jacob was at risk of being sent to a concentration camp and was living in the Warsaw Ghetto at the time. They changed his name and said he was cousins to their 2 children. The Roslans sacrificed a lot by aiding the boys. They had already had 4 mouths to feed, so having boys come and stay at their house they had to share more food and share the little space they had left. Mela and Alex took in the boys and treated them like they were their own kids. When the boys got sick, they did everything they could to help them get better. The Roslans are an inspiration and an amazing family. They truly deserved this award.

Quote/ Citation Panel

"May you never know the hunger I knew"

This quote really stuck out to me. It was one of the first sentences in the book, and stayed in my head throughout the story. It shows me the struggle these people went through by dealing with the holocaust. Everyone in the Ghettos, concentration camps, or still in their homes had very little to eat. I think now people take for granted what we have like food and shelter. Families during WWII barely had any food. Most of the time all they had to eat was bread. That's why this quote stuck out to me the most throughout the story.


This book was a great book. It showed the struggle these innocent people went through all because of their religion. It also did a great job of showing how their were a lot of brave people who went out of their way to help the families that were being attacked by the Nazis. Even though the risk was huge and it was difficult with little food and space, they were brave enough to risk their own lives to save people.