Yogi Berra

by Christopher and Darian


Question #1:What sport did he play? Answer:he played baseball
Question #2:Why is he famous? Answer:he is one of the greatest catchers in baseball history.
Question #3: Does he cooperate well with the team? Answer: Yogi Berra cooperates very well with the team.

Some facts are about Yogi Berra are:

Yogi Berra grew up wanting to be a baseball player.

Berra appeared in fourteen world series championships both of which are records.

In 1950, Berra struck out twelve in 597 at-bats.

Some pictures of Yogi Berra

Other Facts

Berra played in the 14 world series from 1947 to 1963.

He joined the Yankees in 1946.

Berra was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972.

more facts

He was on the Yankees baseball team.

He went down in history.