Charles Felder

Before I fell

My friends and I went to our favorite hangout spot. Its our favorite spot to go to because there's always something to do by the creek. So my friends and I came up with this grand idea to build a tree house this huge oak tree. So we started gathering the wood,nails, and screws to put it all together. After we finshed all that we decided to climb the tree.

Just about to fall

So as I was climbing the tree I noticed that we were very high up in the tree and it was a very long way down. By me doing that I started to get nervous, and I lost all focus on what I was doing which was climbing the tree. So as I made my next move there was a loose branch that broke off when i applied my body weight to It.

momment of falling

So as soon as the branch broke I started falling from the tree. Luckily a vine was there to catch me from hitting the ground to my instant death. So as I was coming to a fast stop, I was sitting upside down with the vine attached to my ankle. From that moment I heard my friends yelling my name with a firm voice. I finally answered them and told them I was alright.

overcoming the tragedy

There was still a big problem I was alright at the moment but I still have to get down and at that moment it was looking impossible. So as I was trying to pull myself up, my friend Craig had made it down to me first so he started to pull me up, but the first couple times he coudldn't bring me up because of how far I was down from him. He finally was able to grab my hand, and he pulled me up using all his strenth. So I was reconnected with the tree and i got the vine off, and started heading back down the huge oak tree. So slowly and carefully I got down from the huge oak tree, thanked my friends for helping me and everything ,called it a day, and went home with a smile on my face.