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Meet The Soccer Legend

Have you ever wondered what sports player deservers the most money well Cristiano Ronaldo is your guy. Cristiano Ronaldo he plays for Real Madrid. He works really hard he trains almost all week. He has awesome goals which includes him kicking a soccer ball at 80 mph. Their are also some sports players that earn more money but don't deserve it. So I'm going to show you why Ronaldo deserves the most money. Ronaldo deserves the most money because he works hard, he makes awesome goals, and deserves to make money than boxers do.
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Training Started Sunday

Ronaldo is determined the best portugal player ever. With 48.34% of votes and number 2 with Eusobio with 47.1% of votes and last but not least Figo with 4.56% of votes. It was determined by the people voting. Ronaldo was staring in Sports Science on one of their episodes and he was doing two running challenges against professional runner Angel. The first contest was a straight line sprint contest. Angel got 3.3 seconds on it and Ronaldo got 3.6 seconds! The second course was the zigzag course and Angel got 6.68 seconds and Ronaldo got 6.35 seconds! So he's pretty fast. Fun fact, when Ronaldo was little he put weights on his feet and started to dribble thinking it would make him faster. I'm pretty sure it worked a little. He can actually jump 73 centimeters thats higher than a average basketball player! And he work's out Sunday through Friday skipping Tuesday. Every one of those so he mainly has 5 different ways of training. These are links to part two, three and four.
Cristiano Ronaldo - Tested To The Limit HD - Body Strength - Part 1/4


Ronaldo makes awesome goals. He has made 30 hat tricks in the LA Liga League. A hat trick is 3 goals per game or more. He doesn't do drugs because he say's that it will affect his power in kicking and he won't be able to run as fast and it's not good for you. He also doesn't smoke. Smoking is a major part of this world today. His dad died at the young age of 52. So it is a true thing that happened. The first team he was on was Manchester United and he refused to wear the #7 because of all the great athletes that wore it, like David Beckham, Luis Suarez, Pedro and more. He can run up to 26 mph at full speed. That's super fast, Usain Bolt can run up to 40 mph so he's only 14 mph slower. He can also jump with 5G's of force that's 5 times higher than a cheetah.

Boxers Earn Too Much🤑

Their are two different boxers that earn more money than Ronaldo who are Manny Pacquiao and Floyd MayWheather Jr. They earn more than triple the amount of money Ronaldo does. Ronaldo earns about $79.6 million dollars a year and Manny Pacquiao got $23 million dollars for one fight in November against Chris Algieri. That's equal to Ronaldo playing for 80 weeks. I mean that's a little ridiculous. An average professional boxer has 2-3 matches a year when Ronaldo played 28 games in 2015 and he still earns more than him. Just because you get hurt doesn't mean you should earn more money. Manny Pacquiao gets about $160 million dollars a year and Floyd MayWheather Jr. gets about $300 million dollars a year. I think that's a little insane.
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Leo Messi

Ok ok I know some people think that Leo Messi is way better than Ronaldo in many different ways, but here are some reasons why I think Ronaldo is better. Messi uses the low carb high protein diet. Which includes him drinking 7-8 glasses of water a day and 3 protein shakes in order to avoid dehydration. You can say diets are better than workouts, but diets only keep you heathly, workouts keep you heathly and in shape while working on stuff in soccer so you have some tricks up your sleeve. I do not think that Messi is a better teammate. Because in his first game his debut in, in the 47 seconds he played, he elbowed Vilmos Vanczak Hungary. Why would you elbow someone in a match? He got kicked out of the game.

Finalizing Why Ronaldo Deservers The Most Money

Ok so I just showed you why Ronaldo deservers the most money, reason 1 was that he trains really hard, reason 2 was that he just does awesome stuff, reason 3 was that he deservers more money than boxers. So thats why Ronaldo deserves the most money out of every sports player. Post any of your opinion's in the comment's.
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