Mrs. Williams' Class News

We notice things.

Long time, no newsletter...

Forgive me when I am scurrying to make it down the list of things to do and don't get to the newsletter. But, I have missed this connection, so I am happy to write a little bit about what's new in our classroom.

We have a student teacher, Amy Heilman, from St. Scholastica, who will be with us until May 6. She was here a bit in the fall too, so we know and love her. We will slowly transfer subjects over to her to teach, beginning with Math and Writing next week.

We also have a block student from UMD with us all day on Fridays, who will be full time in the month of March. Her name is Mikayla McDonald. What fun to have so many people to be working with our kids!

Back in the classroom...

Math and Reading

In Math, we have been working on telling time to the quarter hour. Many kids are able to do it, so enjoy practicing it at home. When you learn a new skill, it is so much fun to use it! We will begin a unit on graphs next week.

In reading, we are working on writing answers to questions that RAP: Restate the question in the answer, answer the question, and prove the answer with examples from the text.