In der Stadt

Tips and tricks for being successful in this unit!

Try a Prezi! Alternative assignment

Instead of doing the Powerpoint presentation for this assignment, try doing it in a Prezi! It's fun and free! Check out Frau Frantzen's Prezi of her town Redwood City! Make sure to include audio! If it is easier for you, complete the audio in one recording and submit the recording separately in the dropbox.

To make your own Prezi, go to:

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Spoken Assignment -- Tips

Question 1: Wie kannst du deine Stadt beschreiben? (How can you describe your city?)

My city is called _____. Maybe give some information about the city, such as location in the state, how many persons live there.

Question 2: Welche Gebäude sind in deiner Stadt?

My city has many buildings. We have a university, a post office, many supermarkets, etc. as an example. Try using as much of your new vocabulary as possible here for buildings in your city.

Questions 4 and 5: Welche Vorteile und Nachteile hat deine Stadt?

See the content for this unit! There is a list of advantages and disadvantages. Just pick a few of these from the list! Easy-peasy! So you can begin your sentence with, "My city has many advantages." and then list the advantages. You could also say things like, "We have good schools. We also have many stores. There are many parks, I like to walk in the park. (etc., etc.) Feel free to also talk about free time activities or other things about your city. Remember try to use language that you have learned, and be creative with the vocabulary you know!

Other tips:

Try elaborating on your responses, using vocabulary you have learned in the unit as well as previously! You get higher scores for using words like "und" and "oder" to combine sentences, as well as on pronunciation! Try starting sentences with something other than the subject to vary sentence structure.

Wer arbeitet wo? Common pitfalls

When you have a plural subject, the verb is plural.

Die Lehrer und der Schulleiter arbeiten in der Schule.

The same goes for all sentences with a plural subject.

If a subject is singular, the verb is "arbeitet".

As in: "Der Pfarrer arbeitet in der Kirche."

You should be using vocabulary from the unit to complete these sentences.

A correct sentence would be:

Wer arbeitet im Krankenhaus?

Die Krankenschwester arbeitet im Krankenhaus.

Grammar -- 2 way prepositions and cases!

Im der Fabrik (etc.) is incorrect.

It should be: in der Fabrik

Or im dem Laden is incorrect

It should be either

im Laden

or in dem Laden

Do you know why these are correct or incorrect? Email me! Start a discussion in the discussion forum about why this is incorrect/correct! Show off your grammar skills!