Vietnam War

3rd period

#1 "I Know"..."I Don't Know"

"I Know" :

Cold War- U.S. and Russia fought for supremacy without violence.

Containment- Keeping communism contained, no spread of communism

Domino Theory- When one thing happens something else will happen as an effect of the first thing.

Draft- All males over 18 had to sign up to fight in the war

#2 Creating Context

Vietnam Timeline below

#3 Pathways to War

The Gulf of Tonkin incident was when the North Vietnamese torpedoed boats, supposedly attacking the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin. Took place off the coast of Vietnam, which led to the Tonkin Gulf resolution, and allowed LBJ to send troops to Vietnam.
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#4 Veterans of Vietnam

Jon Edward Swanson

B TRP, 1st SQD, 9th CAV RGT, 1 CAV DIV Air Force.

On Feb. 26, 1971 Jon was flying tree top level, to pinpoint precise enemy positions but making him a very vulnerable target. His aircraft was shot down after he had taken down 5 bunkers by himself. His bravery during this flight earned him the medal of honor.

#5 10 Protest Songs

10.It Better End Soon- Chicago

9.Blowin' in the Wind- Peter, Paul, & Mary

8.Get Together- The youngbloods

7.Woodstock- Crosby, Stiles, & Nash

6.Eye of Destruction- Barry McGuire

5.Masters of War- Bob Dylan

4.Put a Little Love In Your Heart- Jackie DeShannon

3.Turn,Turn,Turn- The Byrds

2.Give Peace a Chance- John Lennon

1.Revolution- The Beatles

#6 Heroes or Villains at My Li?

Hugh Thompson: My partner and I feel as if Hugh Thompson is a in-between, a hero, but at the same time neither. Personally we feel as if his emotions got the better of him and he acted out of his feelings instead the success of the mission at hand. In other words, and pilot trying to do too much. Although in our society he did the right thing to save the lives of the Vietnamese while being massacred, the army may look at it differently.

William Calley: Is a Villain, there is no other way to explain it. His actions were way out of hand and uncalled for. His platoons mass murders were disgusting and no way okay. Although at war, that was not war. its murder. The killing of women and kids should not be allowed. Although he has nightmares and remorse, its still a mass killing, and is considered a villain in our eyes.