The Start of the Toga

Climate,geography,and land

The country is 50,949 square miles and it is smaller than the state of Alabama. Mount Olympus is the tallest mountain in Greece, which is 9,570 feet. They have fertile valleys, plains, and coastal areas are densely populated. There is about 20% of Greece is arable. Some of the land is One-fifth of the longest coastline, only a tenth is suitable for habitation. The climate in the Mediterranean is warm and temperate, the north is wet and cool, and in mostly in winter is mild but wet and summers are hot and dry.


The people in Greece speak Greek. There diet is and mostly are lamb, seafood, olives, and cheese, and salads too. They have tons of side dishes like mushrooms, tomatoes, yogurt sauce, eggplant, zucchini, stuff tomatoes. There official state religion is the Greek orthodox church. Which is about 98% of the Greek people. They have mostly western European fashions and the women where more dresses than the U.S. women do and older women in the rural areas wear wrap scarves around there heads.


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