By Anjali M. and Eileen C.


Algeria's main exports include oil,iron ore,zinc,coal,salt,and natural gas (economic)
legal system is a mix of French and Islamic law (political)

Games commonly played are soccer and jogging also women like to go walking (social)
Executive branch head is President Abdelaziz BOUTEFLIKA since 2008(political)
Ramadan is widely celebrated in Algeria (social)
Independence was gained the third of July 1962 and their first president was Mohamed Ahmed Ben Bella(political)
Average temperature of Algeria in January is 61 degrees Fahrenheit as the high (geographical)


Algeria’s long name is People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria.


Algeria's GDP per capita is 7,500 even though low it is fairly high because of the oil, but most Algerians have a low income, and many struggle with high unemployment and political chaos. The state controls most jobs.


Some of Algeria’s mountains form part of the Atlas mountain range, which stretches all the way across Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. Mount Tahat, the highest mountain in Algeria, reaches 9,852 feet.


Algeria’s most popular sport is soccer.Algerians also play other sports,such as basketball,volleyball,handball,swimming, and much more.