Humans Migrate

Adrianna Viger

Humans Migrate

Why do humans migrate? some push factor are Natural disasters, is when people have to move from there home because it was ruin by the floods. Terrisism is when people go out of there country and move to a new one country because it is better there than there home. In some of the pull factors are, some people like to move where it is hot. Some people have to move because of there new jobs.
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Humans create cultural mosaics

When people move to different countries they create there own mosaics of eating different foods. They have different religions. People that wear different clothes because they have different style and also bring different music over to the country. They might have a social groups because of there languages.
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This is a picture of Canada showing how people from different counties all live together in Canada

Humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups...

One social group is Demi Lovato fans. Demi Lovato fans love her and also worships her because they go to her concerts and buy her albums and follow her on facebook and also twiter. They also can go to her meet and greets and talk to her Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez where friends when they where younger but now they are not talking to each other. Since they stopped talking this is an example of conflict. Selena Gomez is best friends with Taylor Swift now they are cooperating. They sit next to each other at the VMAS And now they are crooperation.
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Power shifting between social groups

The terrorist groups are social groups. ISIS is a terrorist group. They bombed Paris. The other social group was inhabitants/residents of France. ISIS has power over France because now the french people are afraid. The french are trying to gain more power to stop ISIS. The french are trying to hunt down the people that are in the ISIS social group.
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Negative and Positive effects

The power shift effects between social groups can be negative and positive. The negative effects are people are getting killed and wounded. People are afraid to go out of there homes to go shopping and to fly on planes.

The positive effects are that ISIS thinks that they are winning.

Section 3

I was born in Oklahoma. We moved to Chester NH when i was just a baby because my mom use to live close to NH. The pull factor is that my mom wanted me to come to Pinkerton Academy.

My cultural mosaic is I am part French and German and Portuguese. I have my own social group with my best friends

I have cooperation with my mom and my dad most of the time because sometimes I get to go out to dinner with them. I have conflicts with my younger brother and sister because we fight a lot about what we want to do and also fight over the TV what channel its supposed to be on.

I was part of the army and wealth group. We made a treated with the Guatemala government. We had the most power within all the groups.

Some of the Guerillas became peasants and the peasants wanted to make a treaty with the wealthy. We wanted to make a treaty with the peasants.