Mrs. Moore's Class Update

Communication Tools for Math and ELA


This tool allows users to create study cards over material that they are doing in school. It will be used for my classes so they can access the content at any time to practice the concepts that we are working on. This is a great way to reinforce the materials that we go over in class and help to prepare them for their upcoming Milestones Test.


This tool is extremely fun to use in class! Students can answer the question that they are presented with by holding up a card with a design on it in a particular way. This allows students the freedom of making a choice without the fear of being embarrassed about having the incorrect answer. This encourages active participation in class. It also allows me to quickly see where my students are struggling so we can revisit those topics for further instruction.


This tool is very fun for the class as well. It allows students to communicate with one another via audio recording. This is going to be used for a few projects that we will be doing. Each student will work in groups and will create a discussion topic on Voicethread to explain the concept that we are working on. By allowing each student to explain the concept in a way that they actually understand it will allow their partners to understand the subject matter from various points of view. It will deepen their knowledge.