Arenal Volcano Eruption

By: Kelsey Riner

Monday, July 29, 1968, 7:30 AM

La Fortuna San Carlos, Costa Rica,

After almost 400 years of being in a 'sleeping' state, the Arenal Volcano came to life. Lava, ash, and rock, spewed out violently for several days. When it finally came to an end it had taken 87 lives, 3 small villages, and a large amount of land. Towns like Tabacón, Pueblo Nuevo, and San Luís were covered in ash, rock, lava, and completely ruined. It not only killed people, but animals, and crops too. People lost their homes, family, food, and livestock.

This composite volcano had stayed active from 1968 to 2010.

Arenal is 5,437 feet tall and about 7,000 years old. The Arenal is located right in the Arenal National Park in Costa Rica. Most days in 1968-2010 it was active and spewed hot lava, ash, gaseous smoke, and rock. Although the eruptions lasted for 42 years, it almost helped the towns and public affected. Tourism went up drastically because everybody wanted to see the amazing volcano erupting. It helped the towns majorly, it brought new business that they needed and helped the families affected. No tourists or villagers were in danger though. After the terrible eruptions in 1968 everyone was cautious rebuilding and stayed a safe distance away from the volcano in case it were to erupt again in the future. Today the Arenal is inactive but it could still erupt again.


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