Ipads for Teaching and Learning

What's all the buzz about?

iPads in the Classroom

The Big Picture

Over the past several years, technology has prominently swept across our country and taken over life as we once knew it. We are living in a digital generation, and although some people choose to see the negatives of technology, I believe it will take us far beyond what we ever imagined possible. In general, children are more focused on something when it attracts their interest; a device such as an IPad is a great tool to use with a child to develop their learning. There are thousands of educational games, apps, and stories that can be discovered using this one simple device, that many children would never be exposed to otherwise.

What can you do with an IPad?

That's a great question, I'm so glad you asked! Need a little boost to get you started with some educational apps to use on the IPad in your classroom? This article is full of many different ways to use an IPad effectively, especially in the classroom. Here is a great list of a variety of different apps and tools to use your IPads successfully for a greater purpose of learning!

Success in the Classroom

Ipads are bringing a level of independence and value into classroom environments that has not been as evident as before. This article explains how a real teacher incorporates her ipad into her lessons, without incorporating her lesson around a certain app on the ipad.

Fourth Graders exceeding Academic Goals with IPads

This short video is one example of a classroom that has implemented IPads into their everyday curriculum. Using the IPads makes learning more fun and interesting for the students, while also challenging them to search for answers to their own questions. These devices give the students a sense of freedom and independence that they weren't aware of before having the IPads in their classroom.
Local Elementary Students Use Ipads In Classrooms

Why are schools jumping on this Ipad bandwagon?

This article is actually a blog from a school who starting incorporating IPads into the classroom four years ago. You can see where they started from, and how they have grown and advanced over the past several years to get where they are now as a school. Starting any new program can be challenging but the benefits are proving to be worth the fuss.

IPads helping children with Learning and Development

IPads are a great tool because they are portable and easy to access from pretty much anywhere. Alot of apps don't require internet access, so not only can they be used at school but also at home. This video shows how this device assists disabled children with both learning and development that did not seem very hopeful before.
How iPads Can Help Disabled Children with Learning and Development

Helping Children with Special Needs

IPads have made a huge change for the better in the special needs community. Special needs students are now able to communicate in ways they have never been able to, explore at their own pace, and plunge into new levels of learning that seemed so far before. This device has made such a positive impact and it wasn't even originally created to assist with special needs in any way.

What's so cool about an IPad?

Ipads are very versatile, fast loading, and portable making it accessible for even small children to use a computer. Which qualities like this, it is no wonder more and more teachers across America are begging for these in their classroom toolboxes! Imagine opening up a whole new world for your students with one simple easy to use device.

Hearing so much more without a single sound

This video shows how one school in South Africa created an app to help deaf students grasp a better understanding of reading and comprehension, but the use of IPads in their school helped the students in many more ways than expected. It is amazing to see what an impact one tool can have one so many different lives across the world.
Deaf school revolutionises teaching with iPad learning programme

Explaining the Unexplainable

One cool aspect of the Ipad is that is can help students better understand hard to grasp concepts such as gravity, space, time, and so on. There are numerous apps that explain and display visual and audio representations of harder topics such as these, making the learning experience easier on the students.

Making things fair

There are rich experiences that a student may have using an Ipad, that would not be experienced otherwise. Virtual field trips are one awesome aspect of the IPad because now students can virtually travel across the country in minutes and look around the white house as if they were standing inside it themselves. Many children from low income families do not get to experience family vacations, and trips to the zoo or a museum compared to children from higher class families who may be exposed to these kinds of things on a regular basis. Now with the help of an Ipad both students can have the same opportunity to experience these learning adventures.

More fun ways to use the IPad in your Classroom

When you run out of ideas for incorporating the ipad in your everyday classroom, look no further! This google presentation is sure to give you plenty of fresh, creative, and useful ways to make the most out of this technology throughout your lessons. Whether it be group work, center time, or even independent work, these ideas are sure to engage the children in what they are learning.

An Apple a Day

Who knows better than the people who created this technology miracle? No one does. This article is straight from Apple themselves, and explains everything you need to know concerning the IPad and the purposes of it in the classroom.