"What to Expect"

Zahria Whiting Hr.6

First Trimester


  • During the first trimester the embrio folds into a tube. At this time the brain begins to form and the heart begins to pump rapidly within 3 weeks. Black dots appear on the head of the fetus and will develpe into eyes. Skin begins to come down to form the nose and lips. At 6 weeks the the embrio is an inch long and the eyelids still have to develope. At 8 weeks the embrio becomes a fetus, and the fetus is taken over by the plasenta. The plasenta filters food and substances to the fetus. At 9 weeks the nervous system begins to develpe, the body begins to twitch, and a liver and kidney are created.

  • Most of the time the mother will not know shes pregnant befoe 4 weeks or until she misses her period. The mom should monitor what foods she eats, drugs, and alcohol that could all harm the baby. In this trimester the mother begins to have cravings, morning sickness, and becomes sensative to smell. Eggs stop being released from ovaries.

Second Trimester


  • During this time the gender can be determined and movement in the fetus increases. Fingers and toes become separate on the fetus; the fetus has its very own finger prints. The brain begins to regulate the heart beat. The fetus becomes sensative to touch, and the digestive system becomes active. At 24 weeks the baby could possibly be born.


  • At this time the mother becomes aware of movements. The mother can now get a more detailed ultrasound of the fetus.

Third Trimester


  • At this point in the pregancy the fetus can hear outside of the uterus, the ears are the most developed body part. The brain becomes more actove, the mouth now has taste buds, and the sense of smell has developed. Eyelashes begin to grow, but eyecolor is still growing. While in the fetus an ultrasound would be the loudest thing a baby would hear. After 26 weeks 90% of the babys' time is spent sleeping in the womb. Each day the baby will swallow a pint of fluid from the womb. At this time the baby will get a sense of if they will left or right hand. Lungs will be the last organ to fully develope.


  • The mother becomes more aware of the fetus. At this point in the pregnancy the mother has more enerygy,and she is past the state of morning sickness. Brest milk begins to develope. The mothers heart rate and blood pressure directly affects the baby. Stress can lead to premature birth. Stress can also pass through to the baby for future health problem. The mother can now feel the baby move everyday.

How Can the Father Help

  • Be involved
  • Help your partner stay healthy during pregnancy
  • Be supportive
  • Go with your partner to prenatal visits
  • Go to child birth education classes
  • Help plan for the baby