Speak : Cutting Out Hearts

By : Crissy, Isaiah, Amanda


In this chapter, Melinda is at school and it's Valentine's Day. Whenever she gets to her locker she finds a note and is very skeptical of it so she looks around to try to find kids pointing and laughing at her but she finds none. At first she thinks it may be from a boy but deep down she thinks its just a cruel joke. Once Melinda heads to class she thinks of the option of maybe the boy who sits next to her, David Petrakis, could've done it. After her biology class she finally decides to open to the note. All she can do is break down and start to cry. She cannot breathe nor speak. She very quickly runs to her very own "room" and starts crying and rocking herself to maybe try to calm her anxiety.

Indirect Characterization

“I open it. "Thanks for understanding. You're the sweetest!" It is signed with a purple pen. "Good Luck!!! Heather."I bend down to find what dropped from the card. It was the friendship necklace I had given Heather in a fit of insanity around Christmas. ”

In this piece from the passage, it shows indirect characterization of Heather. She's trying to seem like a good person but the letter makes her seem extremely fake and rude.

Conflict & Theme

“ down another hall, till I find my very own door and slip inside and throw the lock, not even bothering to turn on the lights, just falling falling a mile downhill to the bottom of my brown chair, where I can sink my teeth into the soft white skin of my wrist and cry like the baby I am. ”

This is showing theme because one of the three themes is that she has a problem talking to people and she starts to get nervous then bite her lips whenever people talk to her. Then it also shows conflict because heather was fake and never really her friend.


“I open it. "Thanks for understanding. You're the sweetest!" It is signed with a purple pen. "Good Luck!!! Heather.”

It symbolizes how fake everyone is towards Melinda. All of her "friendships" have never really been real, everyone just uses her to do things for them.