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Week of 2.23

A Note From Ms. Salazar...

I hope you enjoy reading these newsletters as much as the kids enjoy writing them! They have been working as hard as ever and are excited to tell you all about their week!

Thank you for lending us the Dr. Seuss books you have at home! If you haven't had a chance to look, we are still looking for a few more books. We appreciate it!

Have a great weekend!

Some important upcoming dates:

3/5 Group Picture Day

3/6 Parent Social-see information in Mr. Bissinger's Eblast

3/9-3/13 PARCC Testing, Grades 3-5

3/10 School Store, 1150-1240

3/16 PAC Meeting, 315 PM

3/18 Talent Show Technical Rehearsal, 5PM, HMHS

3/19 First Grade Mad Science Assembly

3/19 Talent Show Dress Rehearsal, 6PM, HMHS

3/20 Talent Show, HMHS, 7 PM-See Information Below

3/23 Report Cards Available in Genesis, Grades 1-5, 330 PM

3/26 School Store, 1150-1240

3/27 Community Meeting, 10 AM

Every Kid in a Park

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Equivalent Fractions

By Charlotte, Teagan, and Aliyah

This week in math we learned about equivalent fractions. Equivalent fractions are basically equal fractions. You find out they are equal if you multiply the numerator and denominator by same number, for an example, are 1/3 and 3/9 are equal? Let's see:

If you multiply the numerator by 3 and the denominator by 3 you get 3/9 so YES!

The way you can use fraction cards is if the same amount is shade din on the cards. Don't listen to the bossy numerator!

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1830s Reading

By Cammy, Maddie, Yazmin, and AJ

In reading we learned historical text. We learned that historical text is how people lived, when and where events took place, and how the past and the present are connected. One important thing we know about historical texts is that it happened in the past.

Another thing we did in reading is read a text called Wagons West. It was about pioneers moving and how much time it took to prepare for the trip. They were moving from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City. They moved because there was no room left where they were originally living. But they got there safely.

The last thing we did is read another article called Children on the Oregon Trail. They had a five month journey to Oregon. All the children had many chores. They had to walk about fifteen miles a day! And they had to wake up at 4:00 am to start their chores! Some of the chores they had to do were milk the cows nd collect buffalo chips (buffalo waste). It was a long trip and they were happy when they got to Oregon.

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Crazy Chemistry

By Luca, Maya, and Matt

This week in chemistry we did so many cool things! First we tested household chemicals (alcohol, detergent, lemon juice, ammonia, water, and vinegar) with red cabbage juice. We also learned about acids, bases, and neutrals. So, when the household chemicals turned color we figured out if they were acids, bases, or neutrals. The alcohol was a neutral, the vinegar was an acid, the water was a neutral, the ammonia was a base, the detergent was a base, and the lemon juice was an acid. Then we figured out if our UNKNOWNS were acid, bases, or neutrals. It was so much fun!!!
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Rockin' Writing

By Alex, Holly, and Skye

Howdy! This week we had a very busy time in Writing! We continued working on our persuasive writing. We started off the week by focusing on our thesis statements. We were checking if they were wishy washy or brave and bold! We learned that persuasive writers make sure they have brave and bold opinions to start!

We learned how to talk to our reader by asking questions, anticipating what they might be thinking, and explaining things like we would in a conversation. We had to use specific details and examples.

We also learned how to edit as we go along. For example, I couldn't write:

Wee wilf doo ths nou.

And then at the very end edit it and make it say: We will do this now.

I should write a little then read it and edit as I go. Then, write again, etc.

Finally, had to pick a SEED idea. We had to use a checklist in order to tell what we did well and what we want to keep working on. To help us set new goals we looked at our checklist and figured out what we weren't doing yet and made those our goals.

From entries to drafts, writing is very awesome!

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