Why the Green Revolution is Great!

By: Layeth Khazendar 5th period


- Creates food for many, saving lives.

- Food can be changed to adapt to the conditions.
- Creates more jobs.
- Turned India from a starving country to a exporter of food.
- Can replant the same crops without letting the land fallow or set.
- Can grow the crops anywhere.

What is the Green Revolution?

The Green Revolution was the creating of unnatural crops to those that were starving in India. It was quick and could be planted anywhere, no matter the climate. It could also be cross- breeded and genetically engineered to adapt to its surrounding. With it, you can create more jobs and improve the economy of your country as well as feed the people. This ended a famine that killed four million people from hunger in that year alone. It was also able to raise the people's consciousness of environmental issues. Many more LDCs were able to be fed through this same procedure. With the Green Revolution, there can no longer be another famine inside of India, ever!