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4 November, Term 4 - Week 3

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Dear Parents, Whānau and Caregivers

Teacher Only Day

Thanks for your support for our final Teacher Only Day held two weeks ago. This was a very productive day for staff who worked together over the course of the day. We explored new ways to track and monitor our English Language Learners, moderated student writing samples, and learned more about how to support students with hearing needs. Having a sustained amount of time together is very much appreciated by both our teachers and teacher aides.


It's great to see that swimming is back on the school calendar. Swimming is a skill for life - especially as living in New Zealand provides us with access to many different water-ways like the ocean, rivers, lakes and public or private swimming pools. Children have 8 lessons this term. Uenuku students started their lessons two weeks ago, attending weekly classes at Rewa Rewa School on Wednesdays until early December. Lessons for Y2-6 students begin in a few weeks - their permission forms are due back at school today and payment would be appreciated before lessons commence. Thank-you.

Can you help?

Volunteers are needed to plant lots more seedlings. If you're able to spare an hour here or there to work with a small group of students, please let the office know. There is no set time, we can be flexible depending on when parents are available to help. There are many seedlings to plant on the bank beside the kindy gate.

Drop, Cover, Hold!

Last week’s Emergency Drill ran very smoothly. We took part in 'Shake Out Day' and practised what to do in an earthquake. Well done to our tamariki who practised staying calm, making a 'turtle' and walking together to our assembly point on the top field.

Covid-19 Update

We are aware of 7 positive Covid-19 cases within our school and a small number of Household Contacts. Under current Ministry of Health guidelines, positive Covid cases must isolate at home for 7 days. Day 0 is the day your symptoms started or when you tested positive, whichever came first. If your child tests positive, please contact the office immediately, so that we can work with you to calculate your child's return to school date. If your child is a Household Contact they must test daily for 5 days from the first positive test result in their house.

Paparangi School’s Covid-19 policy is that we may choose to use masks if our risk assessment determines it is appropriate. We currently encourage mask-wearing but it is not mandatory at the moment. Our Pandemic Response Team regularly reviews mask-wearing depending on student illness and staff absences. The school continues to follow Ministry of Health guidelines regarding sanitation and ventilation. Let's keep working together, so we are able to keep school open and fully staffed for the rest of the year.

Attention Rākau Nui Parents and Whānau, there are steps in place to manage Covid19 during next week's camp. Please follow these guidelines and contact your child's home class teacher or the school office if you have any questions.

Gumboot Friday

This year we are celebrating the real heroes of Gumboot Friday - you - our communities, who are giving their all to raise funds for free kids counselling. Learn more about Gumboot Friday at

Thank You

Thanks to the Home and School for running TWO fantastic Halloween discos last Friday. Thanks to the volunteers who helped on the night, to organise ticket sales and decorate the hall. The kids had a great time, dancing the night away!

Thanks to everyone who supported last week's Bake Sale, sending spending money along with students or providing baking and goodies for sale! A special thank you to Aven for kindly sharing her cupcakes with me!

Ngā mihi nui

Tracey Arthurs


Y5 and Y6 Camp Kaitoke

Next week almost 80 of our senior students are off to camp for two nights as part of our Outdoor Education Programme. We've been building towards camp all year, after having to postpone it in February due to Covid restrictions. At camp the students participate in a range of outdoor activities. Camp is an ideal setting for developing adventurous learners and fostering positive relationships or friendships. YMCA Kaitoke offers a wide range of outdoor activities each day, run by qualified instructors. Daytime activities include raft building, archery, giant swing and kayaking. At camp students GROW:

  • Grit by giving something another go, even when we didn’t succeed the first time, by challenging ourselves by participating in activities we are unfamiliar with.
  • Respect by supporting one another to be the best that we can be.
  • Others by co-operating and including everyone, by supporting each other and taking care of our environment.
  • Wonder by having new experiences and taking pride in our achievements.

Thanks to the wonderful group of parent volunteers who are coming along to support all of our students on camp. We couldn't run events like this without your help.

School Organisation for 2023

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At this time of year we begin looking at the numbers of students we anticipate at each year level next year to help us make decisions about classes and student placements for the following year. Providing the best environment for learning is at the forefront of our decision-making. The number of classes we start the year with is dependent on the staffing entitlement received from the Ministry of Education which is based on the number of students enrolled at school. Next year we will start with ten classes. Our teachers are capable of teaching at all levels of the school so we can allocate teachers to classes no matter the structure of the school or where they were teaching the previous year. The teachers in each learning team are being finalised over the coming weeks.

In 2023 syndicate structures are changing to accommodate lower numbers in the junior school and to minimise disruption for older students while our senior classrooms are refurbished sometime next year. We are expecting Rooms 10-13 to have a “make-over” as part of the school’s building and maintenance programme.

We strive to provide safe and stimulating learning environments that support all sorts of learners. Therefore when looking at class composition, our teachers take the following factors into account when considering placement for students.

  • Individual needs and achievement

  • Learning groups and friendship groups

  • Peer relationships

  • Age and year group combinations

  • Gender and number of students

  • Siblings in other classes and year groups

Strong literacy and numeracy programmes are central to our curriculum along with learning through play and STEAM; digital citizenship, science and exploring the natural world, as part of our environmental education programme. Teaching and learning collaboratively means that teachers can collectively use their strengths to deliver the best teaching and learning programmes possible for each child and groups of students.

To help children settle back into school next year, students spend time getting to know their new teachers and classmates this year as part of our transition programme. Our transition programme will begin later in the term with a focus on those students who are moving to a new syndicate; eg the Y1s who are moving to Pounamu. We will send more information out to those families in the coming weeks.

Children who are staying in the same syndicate for next year, may sometimes have the same home class teacher the following year as well. Please talk to your child’s class teacher or Team Leaders (Jenni Harrison, Amanda Newbery and Rebecca Arrowsmith) if you have any questions about your child’s placement next year. Class placements and stationery lists will be sent home with your child's end of year report in December.

Bee Healthy Dental Van

The Bee Healthy dental van has finished their visits onsite. Unfortunately due to staff shortages and sickness not all students were able to seen during their time here.
If your child was not seen or if you have any concerns please contact the Raroa Bee Healthy Dental Hub on 0800 825 583 to make an appointment. Thank you.

Are you a courteous car-parker?

Families who park on Beazley Ave are asked to show courtesy to nearby households by NOT parking over their drive-ways. Parents why not use our GROW values and show GRIT and RESPECT for OTHERS when parking and be a good role model for our students!

  • Park further away and walk the last part
  • Buddy up with another parent and take turns to pick each other's kids up or do drop offs
  • Support older tamariki to walk, scoot or bike to school (have an agreed route to use)
  • DO NOT park on yellow lines or at the bus stop
  • DO NOT park in school grounds. The hall carpark is for staff vehicles and those with mobility passes.

We thank the WCC parking officers and NZ Police who regularly patrol the streets surrounding our school to make it safer for our students.

Save the date and come along to our biggest fundraiser of the year!

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News from the Home and School Committee

Halloween Discos

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our Halloween Disco last Friday. Home & School is thrilled to report that we made over $1,000 which will go towards the new climbing wall. We loved seeing all the hard work that went into costumes and dance routines - ka pai everyone!

Special thanks go to the following people: Our main sponsor Ashton D'Silva, Jasmine Cox for sponsoring the Rākau Nui bake sale and creating 70 themed cupcakes in one day, and all of the parent helpers and teachers who volunteered their time on the night.

Festive Family Fun Day

Our amazing Home and School Committee is organising a Festive Family Fun Day to be held on Saturday 19 November. Please refer to the notice which should have come home with your child today. This contains details on how you can support this important event.

2nd Hand Clothing Stall

The Home and School Committee is collecting children's clothes for a 2nd hand clothing stall at our upcoming market. Have you got any good quality, clean second hand children's clothes that you are wanting to get rid of? We are accepting newborn through to Size 14 items. Please send them to the office before the 11th of November.

Head lice, nits, or kutis

Head lice, nits, or kutis, are very common in kids and easily spread around school. They can be annoying but are treatable.

How can I tell if my child has head lice?

Your child may have an itchy scalp, especially around the nape of the neck, crown and ears. You may see live lice on the scalp, or hard, pale grey or yellow-white eggs (nits) like grains of salt attached to the hair, close to the scalp. Or the first indication you may have is when we tell you there's an outbreak.

Will my child have to stay away from school?

The Ministry of Health advise that a child with live lice should stay away from kura or school until treatment has started. Once the treatment has started, it's okay to return to school.

How can I stop my child getting head lice?

Head lice is really common in children but here are some things you can do to help prevent them:

  • brush your child’s hair every day (or remind them to do this)
  • don’t share brushes, combs, towels or hats
  • check your child’s hair for lice regularly, and act straight away if you find any
  • you don’t need to shave your child’s hair, but it can help to keep it short or tied up when at school.

What can I do if my child keeps getting re-infested?

It is very frustrating when you have treated your child and find they keep getting re-infested.

Please tell us every time your child comes home with a fresh batch of lice – so that the whole school community can take responsibility for the problem. If head lice are an ongoing problem the public health nurse may assist us to provide information and advice to families. It’s also common for children to re-infest themselves - it only takes a stray nit or lice to start the cycle again. Make sure you complete any treatment, keep checking, and follow the prevention tips.

For more information go to .

What's happening this term?

Wednesday afternoons

Swimming Lessons for Y0-1 students

7-9 November

School Camp Y5-6 students

Friday 11 November

NIS Orientation Morning for Y6 students

Monday 14 November

Northern Zone Athletics (pp 21nd)

Friday 18 November

Te Korowai ō Horokiwi Kapa Haka Festival - details to come

Saturday 19 November

Festive Family Fun Day

Tuesday 22 November to Friday 25 November

Swimming Lessons for Y2-6 students

Tuesday 29 November to Friday 02 December

Swimming Lessons for Y2-6 students

Tuesday 29 November

Interzone Athletics (pp 1 December)

5-9 December

EOTC Week, various activities

Tuesday 6 December

Year 6 Leavers Celebration

Friday 9 December

Year 6 Day Out

Wednesday 14 December

Y4-6, Rākau Nui End of Year Assembly @ 9:15am

Thursday 15 December

Y1-3, Uenuku and Pounamu End of Year Assembly @ 9:15am

Thursday 15 December

Home & School Pizza Lunch

Friday 16 December

Term 4 ends 1.00pm

Next year's Term Dates

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Community Notices

Newlands Intermediate School Music Centre

The Music Centre provides opportunities for students in the Newlands/Johnsonville are to develop their musical education outside of normal school hours.

Classes are held on weekdays during the school term. Concerts are held at the end of the year. .

In 2023 tuition will be offered in the following instruments : Violin, Piano and Guitar.

For further information please ring the school office on 4788195 or email Kay Good at

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Parents, please use the App to send a message about a student absence. It is our preferred method of contact for non-attendance and is quick and easy to do.

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