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The Bain Hammett Story

Bain's story started Dec 1, 2012. He was a very active, happy and healthy four year old little boy. He and his family live in Centre, Al. His three year old little sister, Ava, had a stomach virus two days before, so on Saturday 12-1-12, when Bain complained with a tummy ache we thought he was getting the virus. That night he vomited twice and fell asleep in his bed. His mother is a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner specializing in pediatrics, saw no need for concern, or anything unusual. On Sunday morning, 12-2-12, Bain's daddy Jon went to his room to check on him and found him unresponsive, having seizures, in a pool of diarrhea. 911 was called and he was rushed to Floyd Medical Center in Rome, GA. At the ER they checked his blood sugar and it was 20! Medicine was given and it came up to a life functioning level. They then did a CAT Scan since he was unresponsive and it showed several areas of swelling in his brain. The doctors were immediately on the phone to Children's Hospital of Egelston in Atlanta and Bain was urgently flown there. Not long after arrival to Egelston, Bain had a Grand Mal seizure causing respiratory distress and a low heart rate so he was then intubated and put on the ventilator. Bain had to be put in a medically induced coma because his EEG showed he was having continuous seizures. He was in a coma for nine days. During this time, MANY test were done trying to determine the cause of his "event". Bain had to have a skin biopsy, that was sent to the Mayo Clinic, that had to grow for four months. The seizures finally stopped, and on 12-21-12 Bain was transferred to Children's Hospital at Scottish Rite for inpatient rehab. Bain had to relearn everything starting with sitting up, standing, eating and speaking, which he currently doesn't talk. He was progressing, then he started having seizures before being discharged. Bain was at Scottish Rite from 12-21-12 till 1-29-13. From there he went to day therapy, which is across the road from Scottish Rite and Bain and his mom stayed at the Ronald McDonald House during the week and would drive back to Centre, AL on the weekends to spend time with his little sister and Daddy. They did that for 7 weeks. The week after Bain came home he got the flu, three days later 911 was called again because of respiratory distress and he was taken to Floyd Medical Center were it was found that he had pneumonia. His doctors in Atlanta were called and again he was flown to Atlanta. He was at Scottish Rite the weekend of Easter but came home that Monday. After that he regressed and was at the point he can't sit or stand without assistance and can't walk. Bain turned five years old March 14, during all this turmoil. At that time, he was having 15-20 seizures a day, some days more and some days maybe a few less. Bain stopped eating and had to have an NG Tube placed so he could get nourishment and medication. a few weeks later he got pneumonia again and had to be transported to Scottish Rite again. He currently takes about 13-16 medicines a day. Some are for seizures, supplements, asthma, reflux, to name a few I can think of. Bain sees a pediatric Gastrointestinal Specialist, Geneticist, Pediatric Neurologist, Pediatric Pulmonologist and a Nutritionist in Atlanta. His pediatricians and Pediatric Cardiologist are located in Rome, Ga. The geneticist sent a letter and kit to Rebecca saying the Mayo Clinic has specific genetic diseases to test Bain for SCAD, which came back positive. In the letter it was suggested that Bain's "event" was caused by an underlying genetic disease caused by an anoxic brain injury and hypoglycemia with secondary seizure disorder. Bain wasn't given a diagnosis until almost seven months after his event. Since his diagnosis of SCAD, a Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorder which he tested negative for at birth, he's on supplements and a low fat diet. SCAD is something Bain can live with, it's the brain injury that he's still trying to recover from. The neurologist has stressed to us that Bain is a very complicated patient and with the significance of his brain injury he will have defecates. Bain was having between 5-10 seizures a day till July 28, 2013 he started getting sick and they have tripled. Bain was carried to the doctor Monday, the 29th and tested positive for Strep throat. He was having a metabolic crisis due to the illness and it stressing his body. Bain had a metabolic crisis December 2, 2012 and that's what caused his "event", so we've been on edge the last few days to say the least. Tuesday morning his sugar kept bottoming out even after extra attempts to raise it. He was taken to Scottish Rite Children's ER in Atlanta and was started on the protocol given by his Geneticist in case of emergency. Bain had IV fluids and labs drawn and was sent home on a 24 hour continuous feeding thru his NG tube. Yesterday, June 31, he started his first weekly dose of Hizentra which is a subcutaneous infusion of immunoglobulins in hopes to increase his immune system and keep him out of the hospital.

Rebecca and Jon are two of the best parents God has made! Jon has had to continue working thru this and Rebecca has had to resign her position at Harbin Clinic Pediatrics because of the care it takes for Bain. Both Jon and Rebecca are graduates from Auburn University, Rebecca nursing and Jon engineering. They always worked very hard to provide for their perfect little family, and still are. Bain's been put on a special heart healthy diet and has to have feedings every 4-5 hours around the clock because of risks factors of SCAD. Insurance will not pay for anymore of his therapy which they've tried to fight because the neurologist is adamant he continues. Infinity Rehad in Rome, GA is "giving" Bain a free day of therapy every week, which is very generous, and they have to pay $150 a day out of pocket for the other day that he goes. Bain's medical expenses are continuing to come in and his monthly prescription bill, out of pocket is over $400 a month alone. The neurologists are still working on his seizure "cocktail" trying to stop the seizures without zoning him out, but that's still a work in progress. Bain's little sister, Ava, will be tested for SCAD as well even though she tested negative at birth too.

THANK YOU so much for reading Bain's story.

Kristi Brown (Bain's aunt)