Techy Video Tutorials

These video tutorials are examples of the Flipped Teaching Model and are here to guide you through various technology tools/programs. If you get stuck on something, simply pause your video and wait to move on when you are ready, or rewind and watch until it clicks! I will always post the most recent tutorials at the top for your convenience.

Staff Meeting 3/2

*** Walk yourself through using Typing Agent by watching the videos below. After each video, try implementing what you learned

Typing Agent

Teacher Site:

* Login with IUSD email and 1234 the first time. After initial setup, your password is what you set it up as.

Student Site: *located on Deerfield student Resources Page

username: their Example -

password: IUSD computer password

Student Typing Agent Log In
Changing Your Typing Agent Password
Class Set-up

There is no Class set-up necesaary. The district has already input all your students' names. If you are missing someone, please send a helpdesk ticket to so they can add your student.

Students Already Input into Typing Agent
Changing the value of your Grit Coins

Grit coins allow students to earn "Game Time." Each Grit coin gives a student 1 minute of "Game Time." Example - If a student earns 3 Grit Coins, they earn 3 minutes of "Game Time." It is up to you to decide how many each

Setting Grit Coin Settings in Typing Agent
Assigning Specific Tests

You can create your own typing tests or select from the ones already available and then assign them to your students.


You may alter the default curriculum and assign tests to your entire class if you desire. There is also an option to turn on coding if you would like your students to participate in that as well.

Typing Agent Curriculum Settings
Typing Agent Ed-Tech Page

Click here to visit the EdTech Page for access to the Parent Letter, login info, and printable directions for changing your password as well as curriculum settings and Grit Coins.

Statewide Testing Resources

You can access the Statewide Testing Resource Page from the left sidebar in our Deerfield Canvas site.
In the video below I will walk you through the preparation for SBAC via the Statewide Testing Resource Page. If you have any questions, please contact Erin Schmitz.
State Testing Training Info