The Raft:Research

By:Christian Gonzalez

The Raft:Beginning

The Beginning of The Raft:Robie had went to Honolulu all the way from the Midway islands and her aunt AJ was gone on a trip so she was alone.When Robie had never been left at the apartment alone she always had AJ there with her but not this time she had a very normal life style of a luxurious life she didn't wait on many things and she didn't have any parental supervision so she had gotten her nose pierced and she had asked the man what was worse.Then when Robie had been hungry at night she had walked the street right to Mcdonalds and then got her food and headed back to the apartment until a crazy person grabbed her by the arm and was calling her by not even her own name so when he let go she ran back to the apartment terrified and decided she wants to go back home to her parents.

The Raft:In The Ocean

The plane Robie was on was crashed in the ocean and she “was” stuck with Max who had actually saved her life by pushing her out.Then when she had pushed Max over the raft then she begins to befriend him.After that when she had found a bunch of fish then she caught one and then there was something else in the water that was a tiger shark and she had gotten very scared.

The Raft:On The Island/The End

The main character Robie had found an island and when she had found it she started collecting tons of lighters so she could find one that actually worked.Then she admits to herself that Max was just her imagination so she wouldn't be alone.Then she had seen a ship that had gone their for research and actually they found a survivor.

The Raft:Five Connections

-When Robie got her nose pierced it reminded me of when my cousin kept on talking about why she should have one.

-When Robie was scared and just wanted to die it reminded of me of a book The Revolver where he wasn't at sea but he was a hostage.

-When Robies plane crashed it reminded me of flight 93 where the people were lost but they have yet to be found.

-When Robie had found the ditty bag it reminded me of when my family and I gone camping and me and my dad couldn't catch any fish.

-When Robie had been pushed off the plane it reminded me of when I went on vacation and me and my cousin went bungee jumping.