Teach the Why



I don't mean, 'What drives you, as an educator?'.

I don't mean, 'What inspired you to pursue math over history?'.

I mean, 'What is the importance of the material you teach? Do you know? Can you verbalize it? Or is it more of a gut feeling, that the material you teach is important for students to know?'

Are you able to express that feeling to your students in ways other than stressing, "Trust me, this is important for you to know!"?

Do your students only complete their work for a grade, or do they do it for themselves, understanding the importance of the information and how it applies to them, personally?

It is easy to tell our students WHAT they will learn, and HOW they will learn it, but do they understand WHY it is relevant, WHY it is important, and WHY they should care?

Join the movement of educators just like you, and see for yourself how powerful it can be to 'Teach the Why'!

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