As I reflect back on the school year so far, I think about the goals that we have set, and all of the goals we have accomplished. We strive for individual growth in all areas, both academically, and behaviorally as well! We utilize academic assessments to study our data and create action steps to continuously improve. We use behavioral expectations and data to work towards being kind, being safe, and doing our job each and every day. Not only do the staff members work to set goals and work towards them, our students do as well! This last trimester we are working on meeting classroom expectations and goals, and celebrate when we meet them by coloring in flower petals until a whole flower is complete.

Many classrooms have achieved their first goal, while many classrooms are continuing to work towards there. Goals that have been met include doing our job, staying on task, whole body listening, transitions with quiet voices and calm hands, working quietly, lining up and walking at a zero voice, doing their job so that the teacher could teach by following classroom rules, not talking during work time, transitioning quickly and quietly, and raising their hands to speak.

Two hard working classrooms were randomly chosen to earn an extra recess, and to choose a spirit/dress up day for the whole school! Congratulations to Mrs. Hetland's class for walking quietly in the hallway, and congratulations to Mrs. Bartett's class for not talking when the teacher is talking! We hope that they enjoy their recess, and pick a wonderful spirit day surprise!

Counselor Updates

Counselor Corner Updates

Kindergarten - The goal of this lesson is to be able to identify ways to stay safe and make smart decisions when using the internet.

1st Grade- Students will identify how important it is to tell the truth and will learn how to tell the truth even when telling an itty bitty lie might be easier.

2nd Grade - Students who are rejected by peers are at risk for negative outcomes, including worse academic performance. This lesson helps students increase empathy for students who are left out. Students learn positive norms for how to treat peers and increase their skills in using the Problem-Solving Steps by applying them to the problem of someone being left out. They also think through ways to solve the problem by helping others join in games.

3rd Grade - It can be difficult to say no to people we like. Students should learn that it is okay to say no and that when someone says no to them, they needn’t be upset. Accepting an assertive refusal is also a skill. Learning how to resist going along with peers can help students avoid a variety of problem behaviors. This lesson strengthens students’ grasp of both assertiveness and problem-solving skills.

4th Grade- It can be difficult to say no to people we like. Students should learn that it is okay to say no and that they needn’t be upset when someone says no to them. Both giving and accepting an assertive refusal are skills. Learning how to resist going along with peers can help students avoid a variety of problem behaviors.

5th Grade- Rumors and harmful gossip are common causes of conflicts among students. Students need to understand that this behavior is hurtful and can lead to serious problems. Bullying often takes the form of hurtful gossip. This lesson extends students’ problem-solving, empathy, and assertiveness skills to coping with this common problem.

In addition, every month, WGSD will be highlighting a spotlight skill. Please check out each month’s newsletter to see more about the spotlight skill including keywords, definitions, and areas of focus. Our District Wide SEL Spotlight Skill this month is Responsible Decision Making

More about Responsible Decision Making

Keywords: Solve Problems, Open Minded, Well being of self and others

Definition:The ability to make constructive choices about personal behavior and social interactions based on ethical standards, safety, and social norms.

Focus area for each grade level:

4K-5K: Learners will be able to, with adult guidance, recognize that they have choices in how to respond to situations.

1st-3rd:Learners will be able to, with adult guidance, generate possible choices and actions they could take in a given situation, including positive and negative options.

4th-5th: Learners will be able to make constructive choices about personal behavior and social interaction in order to evaluate the consequences of various actions with consideration of well-being for oneself and others.


May 9th - Donut Day - bring a donut snack to school

May 10th - Exercise Day

May 11th - Free Choice Day

3rd Grade Field Trip to Traxside

May 12th - Game Day

May 13th - Hat Day

May 17th - change in ABC countdown to J = Jam to the music and dress in your concert best!


Evergreen's Spring Concert Date:

May 17th

1st-3rd grade 10:00

4th, 5th and 5th grade band 1:30


The Evergreen PTO would like to give a big thank you to the Teachers and Staff at Evergreen for their hard work and dedication to our students this school year. We are so grateful for all that you do every day of the year, and hope you felt our appreciation this week.

Thank you to all of the Evergreen families that donated food and time to help make teacher/staff appreciation week a success.

Join us for our Final PTO meeting of the school year on Wednesday May 18th at 6:30pm

in the Evergreen cafeteria.


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Mrs. Laura Maier, Evergreen Elementary Principal

Mrs. Tricia Kedrowicz, Evergreen School Counselor

Mrs. Sue Nicoson, Principal Secretary (Enrollments, student information/needs, Health room)

Mrs. Melissa Adams, Building Secretary (Attendance, Food Service accounts, Health Room)

Mrs. Rachel Pankonin, WGSD Nurse

Mrs. Kim Rivera-Kloeppel, WGSD School Social Worker

Mrs. Lisa Peterson, Aramark Food Service Coordinator