Life's Changes Support Group

Talking about and coping with grief


We are half way into our "Life's Changes" small group. This is the first of 2 updates that I will send to communicate the topics we have discussed. Of course your child can speak to you or anyone else about what he or she has discussed; however, other students' comments must be kept confidential.

If your child has not shared, I want to update you on what we have discussed thus far!

Session #1: Breaking the Ice - Introductions

  • Students discussed the purpose of the group.
  • Students created group rules and norms to help with the group's productivity.
  • Students created goals and reflected on their purpose and plans for growth and change.

Session #2: What's Your Story?

  • Students were able to identify their feelings related to their change.
  • Students shared their life change: Divorce, Separation, and/or Death.
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Session #3: Introduction to the Stages of Grief

  • Students were introduced to each stage of grief
  1. Shock & Denial - First stage of disbelief and numbness
  2. Bargaining & Guilt - Hard stage; Thinking if you changed one thing, results would've changed
  3. Anger - Emotional state of facing new reality
  4. Depression - Lowest emotional state where one can not see any light at the end
  5. Resignation - Finally believing change occurred
  6. Acceptance & Hope - Accepting life's change but able to move on and focus on current relationships
  • Students identified their current stage
  • Students connected the stage to feelings

Which stage do you think your child is in? (Which stage are you in?)

Session #4: Breaking Down our Thoughts

  • Students expressed their thoughts to their loved ones.
  • Students revisited the Stages of Grief.
  • Students checked in and discussed their thoughts toward meeting their personal group goals.

Only a Couple Sessions Left!

We will be meeting on the following dates:

  • (today) Tuesday, March 15 - 4p-5p - Coping & Relaxing
  • Thursday, March 17 - 4p-5p - Support & Making One Last Connection
  • Tuesday, March 22 - 4p - 5p (Close)

Counselor Request?

Some students may need additional attention and I will be happy to meet with you and your child if you believe some additional assistance may be needed.

Contact Me !

Please complete a referral request and I will follow up with those details as we get closer to the end of group.