The Money Buzz

By Giovanni Madrid

Savings and Investing. Is it important?

The answer is yes. Why? Because it help the economy grow.How? First lets talk about savings. The money you set aside in accounts provide funds that banks can lend to businesses for expansion. Economist call this "investment in capital goods". When businesses invest in capital goods the economy grows. For example if a company barrows money to build a factory, the factory increases the company's output .More goods are produce and sold. This creates growth in the economy. Saving helps you reach important goal, through hard times, and it help you fund your retirement. Now lets see how investing is important. This is not effecting the economy as much as its effecting you, if you know what you are doing you will be making lots of money. Yes, saving assures you that your money is safe but what if you want to make more money, you cant do that by just letting it sit there in the bank you have to invest. Investing is a good way to make money or to make the money you have doubled. How do you invest? Well theirs different things to invest in like bonds,stocks, real estate and many more. Their is a catch investing does not always work out the way you want. There is a lot of risk wen investing in stocks or in real estate. The liquidity is not very high in real estate. You need to be smart wen it comes to investing you need to know what companies to invest in and when not to invest so you could get the most profit.

Ivestment tip 2

If you are young then you could take more risk with investing since you have your whole life to re gain the money you lost if you lost it there is a lot of things to invest in so the right move is to study stocks or other types of investing so you don't go in blind in the investing world. Some things to invest in is Property, It is very risky at some points like if there is no one to buy the house when you need the money so the liquidity is also low. You could invest in stocks so i advise you to study and fined the right ones to invest because its also very risky but the liquidity is a medium high so it will be easier to get the money you need faster.

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