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Sarah Sandquist

Teacher Feature is back after a brief hiatus! But, I need your help. When you're trying something new or different in your classroom, invite me in! I'd love to showcase it to everyone.

Kindergarteners + Book Creator

It's easy to think that technology is too difficult for our littlest learners. They aren't quite adept at spelling, there can be a lot of distractions, and there are a lot of steps. However, Sarah Sandquist's students embarked on the beginning of a Book Creator journey. They used Book Creator to create a short book about themselves. Eventually, this learning will be transferred into a larger book on the signs of spring. (But that will require spring to actually arrive!) Students learned how to create a book, save images, change fonts, and more! While there were plenty of steps and new learning, the kindergarteners were very receptive and eager. Each student in the class was able to add something to their book. Just imagine where they can go from here!

Book Creator is a great tool for students to demonstrate their learning in any subject area. Students can create books that can easily be shared with the teacher, especially through Schoology. Students can add images, sounds, videos, etc. Teachers can also create their own books (or templates) to be shared with students.

Thanks to Sarah and her students for being willing to try something new, and challenging!


Reminder: The goal of this feature is to highlight great things that are happening at OP, while also giving you some great ideas of things you might want to try in your own classrooms.

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