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December and January News


It’s hard to believe it is December already! With the holidays rapidly approaching, we would like to remind everyone that our Winter break begins Monday, December 21st. Classes will resume on Monday, January 11th (3 week break total). We hope everyone enjoys their Winter holidays!



Even though we have a few weeks off between December and January, tuition is still due at the beginning of each month (December 1st-10th and January 1st-10th). Tuition here is based on the total amount of weeks of dance for the session (fall, winter, and spring). Whether the month has 2 weeks of dance or 5 weeks of dance, the tuition installment/payment is still owed at the beginning of each month.

**If you pay your January tuition before Thursday, December 31st, 2015 by cash or check by setting up an appointment or putting it through our door slot on the 209 door, you can automatically subtract $5.00 off of your January tuition! PLEASE NOTE: In order to take advantage of this offer, all other account balances you have with Lights, Camera, Dancin' INC. must be current.


Please remember, the week before break, Monday, December 14th through Saturday, December 19th, is “Holiday Party Week” AND "Customer Appreciation Week" here at Lights, Camera, Dancin’! During this week of dance classes, there will be holiday music played throughout the studio, all dancers should wear holiday colors to their dance classes, games will be played and mini gifts/prizes will be handed out the last ten minutes of class, doors will be left open for parents to observe the classes more closely, and cookies and juice will be available to all! If you choose to observe the dance class at the door vs. the lobby, please silence cell phones to limit distractions. If the instructor feels that having the door open is too distracting to the class, the door will then be closed, thank you for your understanding! All dance classes with young dancers will have closed doors for most of the time, but we will open up the doors towards the end! Since we are celebrating our 15TH YEAR in the dance world, we will have tons of giveaways, prizes, and raffles for all of our awesome customers we are so grateful for!

get your lcd car decal on your car!

Lights, Camera, Dancin’ car decals will be available during Customer Appreciation Week. There will be one available per family, but if you’d like one for each car, just let us know! We will be doing a monthly drawing for everyone that displays their LIGHTS, CAMERA, DANCIN’ decal on their car. You are automatically entered in the drawing. Each month we will draw one name and if the decal is displayed on your car, you will win a $20 credit towards dance for the following month (in the event that you’ve paid for the entire year, we will apply the credit towards something else). Good Luck and thanks for supporting our Studio!

one stop dance shop

Just a reminder, dancers need to come to class dressed appropriately AND HAIR SECURELY PUT UP AND AWAY FROM THEIR FACE. Students need to attend class dressed in form fitting attire such as: leotards, tights, dance shorts and/or capris and hair up for girls. For boys, T-shirts with shorts or sweat/dance pants. All dancers need to wear the appropriate shoes. Please do not send your child to class in street clothes. For tumbling/dance acro, dancers should be in tumbling biketards or leotards and shorts with hair securely pulled back. All female dancers should be in a leotard in their ballet classes along with the appropriate shoes, skirt or shorts, and hair secured in a ponytail or bun. And dancers, please be sure you don’t wear your dance shoes outside. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Keep in mind, LCD is your One Stop Dance Shop! We have it all from shoes to tights to dance apparel to our newest logo items! We will be placing orders on the 15th of each month and it usually takes about 7-10 business days for the merchandise to come in!

Recital time!!!

Mark your calendars for June 23rd through June 26th! There is a lot that goes into a Dance Recital including pictures, rehearsals, trying on costumes, purchasing tickets, and making sure everything is just right! Thank you for helping to make this the most memorable experience for your dancer(s) and of course for celebrating our 15th year in the Dance World with us!

The recital is like a dancer’s super bowl! Every dancer works so soo sooo hard all year and the recital is their time to show you what they’ve learned and how much they’ve improved! For those of you who were with us for the last dance recital and responded to our 'Recital Feedback' email, we really appreciate your input!

The instructors are beginning to select their costumes for each class. You will be receiving a costume size and agreement form. The two-sided form must be completed, signed, and turned in during the LCD Holiday week, which is December 14th-December 19th. Please print legible!!! We cannot order your Recital Costume without this form signed and completed and we must order these costumes over winter break to get them on time! You will begin to notice the instructors beginning their dances over the next few months. It’s an exciting time of the year!

**For those of you who ordered chocolate, it is scheduled to be delivered this Tuesday, December 15th by 6pm! Thank you!

Action dance crew

Please follow your practice schedule that you receive via the December and January calendars! We are competing earlier this year so please make sure your dancers are here so they are ready to go!

We had tons of fun at our ADC parent night and also with our white photos! ADC white pics are at LCD's front desk and can be picked up this week!

Do You Want A LCD Gift Certificate For 'YourSELFIE'? ReFeR A fRiEnD!

Don't forget to tell your friends about us! When you refer a friend to Lights, Camera, Dancin', they have 2 simple steps to follow: 1) Write your name down on the referral line of their registration form 2) Register for classes. Then, you will get a gift certificate from us to use at Lights, Camera, Dancin' to show our appreciation and THANK YOU for the referral!!!

help keep the studio clean

We ask for your help in keeping the studio clean. In addition, all eating and drinking should be done while sitting to avoid crumbs up and down the hallway, and please do your best to clean up after yourself. Also, we have a mini-fridge in the back of the studio. The fridge will be cleaned out every night so please label anything you choose to put in there. Please take a look in the Lost and Found! It is currently located at the front of the studio and it is FILLED to the top! Thank you for helping keep our studio clean and safe!

we had sooo much fun at the lights, camera, dancin' tree lighting by the village of roselle! check out our tree right outside the roselle public library!!

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Important dates

December 1st-10th: Tuition is due

December 1st-20th: ADC fees are due

December 14th-19th: Costume Form/Agreements due, Holiday Party Week during dance class, and Customer Appreciation Week!

December 15th: One Stop Dance Shop orders are due

December 15th: World's Finest Chocolate is scheduled to be delivered by 6pm

December 21st-January 10th: Winter Break-Happy Holidays!

January 1st-10th: Tuition is due

*If paid prior to December 31st, automatically deduct $5.00 from your tuition total! Please keep in mind, all accounts must be current to take advantage of this offer!

January 1st-20th: ADC fees are due

January 1st-20th: Recital Package Fee Payment 1 of 5 due

January 15th: One Stop Dance Shop orders are due

June 23rd-June 26th: Recital Time!