The Mayflower Journey.

Life or Death.

In 1620, a ship set sail from Plymouth on its way to England. 102 passengers aboard instead of the average cargo supplies. These passengers, pilgrims, were expecting to start a new life on the other side of the Atlantic. They did not agree with "The Church of England," so these Separatists hoped for freedom in Holland. After two miserable months, they finally reached an abandoned Indian village on land. Some pilgrims, who called themselves Saints, signed the Mayflower Compact to show allegiance for the English King. Only 53 passengers and half of the crew survived. They had to face even more challenges in America once they got there. In America, during the winter, more than half of the Plymouth colonist died from disease. If they wouldn't have met the native people, they would have never survived. A native named Samoset made sure that the colonist got help from the Wampanoags to learn how to survive. By the end of the next summer, they celebrated their first successful festival, Thanksgiving.