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Should students be allowed to eat during class ?


Yes, because students wouldn't be able to concetrate and also it wouldn't be healthy to wait so long intill lunch comes . If you’ve ever tried to complete a task on an empty stomach, you understand the critical connection between nutrition and concentration. Still, even though studies show a direct correlation between healthy eating and focus on learning, many students leave the house in the morning with rumbling stomachs or skip lunch, hoping to sneak in snacks throughout the day.
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5 Reasons to support my claim

1. why snacks are good for us.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest reports snacks are beneficial to children, promoting good nutrition, encouraging lifelong healthful habits and preventing debilitating or deadly diseases. Snacks are especially crucial for children because they are still growing, and healthful snacking at school can lead to better nutrition during foundational years and increased energy and ability to focus

2. Importance of Snacking

Snacking is important for children because they have smaller stomachs than adults and cannot necessarily eat enough to stay full in one meal or sitting. They should be able to snack every three to four hours over the course of the day. Snacking throughout the day not only ensures kids stay full, it also helps them learn healthy eating habits, like eating appropriate amounts and only when they're hungry. Small, healthy snacks throughout the day prevent patterns of boredom eating, or eating based on emotional factors.