Media Minutes

From the Media Center at Woodlawn Middle, Nov. 2015

New: Student Tech Lessons Start Dec. 1

Beginning Dec. 1 teachers may sign up to send small groups of students to the LMC for a refresher on tech skills, such as using Microsoft Word, Power Point, Publisher, and text features. Because there is such a variance in computer skills among students, it was suggested that "catch up" lessons might be helpful. With an appointment, teachers may send small groups or sign up an entire class. Sessions will generally run about 30 minutes and will align with the curricula. Ms. Vurgarthman's students are due in Friday for more work on using computer text features.

Students celebrate arrival of new books!

Student library aides celebrated new book arrivals in the media center during the end of November. These "lunch time" library aides come in daily to shelve books, and to help with checkouts, returns, and LibraryTrac. The eighth grade group, the largest of the teams who work in the media center, are able to earn student service learning hours, free "donated" books, and library "goodie bags."

Many of the books in this order are for more leisure-time reading. A list of new books/e-books is in the LMC. Teachers and students who want specific books included in the next book order should contact Ms. Chambers in the media center.

Popular graphic novels are among new book arrivals:

Media News to Know:

---LibraryTrac data below shows that 252 students came to use the LMC on their own during the month of November. Figures are low due to the LMC being closed for much of American Education Week.

---Student self-circulation (checkout and return) of library books should begin in December---once more scanners arrive.

---Students will now have until just before winter break to turn in their tallies of books read for the "Strive for 25" reading program and other events such as "Book It."

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