Diary of Anne frank

Family stick together even in the worst situation

The last theme for diary of Anne frank is family stick together even in the worst situation. An example is when Anne had a nightmare about the green police taking her, and mrs. Frank had to calm her down.anne screams, “no no don't don't take me.” Then mrs. Frank said, “hush, darling hush it's alright. Will you be kind to turn on the light, mr. Dussel? It's nothing my darling. It was a dream”(397). The shows that the family is helping each other because mrs. Frank is trying to help Anne stay calm. Another example is when the to family work together to have Hanukkah. Mr. Frank reads from the prayer book, “I lift up mine eyes into the mountain, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the lord who made heaven and earth. He that keepeth thee will not slumber nor sleep. He that keepeth Israel doth neither slumber nor sleep. The lord is thy keeper. The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night. The lord shall keep thy soul. The shall guard thy going out and thy coming in, from, this time forth and forevermore amen” then they all say amen (371). This is show that there sticking together and having fun doing Hanukkah. The last example is when they all go in the annex to hid from the naiz. Anne says, “at five o'clock this morning mother woke me and told me to hurry and get dress.i was to put as many clothes as I could. Our hiding place was upstairs on the building my father used his business”(372). This shows that they are going to live together for a long time as a family.

Hope will always find a way

A theme for diary of Anne frank is “hope will always find a way”. An Example is, they got hope when Miep told them about the invasion started to begin .miep says, “Mr frank the most wonderful news the invasion has begun!”(427). This is showing hope because it brought hope and joy to the family, that their going to be saved soon. Another example of the theme is When Miep came back everyone got really happy that she was here. Mr. Frank said. “woke up everyone! Miep is here!!”(412). This shows hope because when Miep comes she usually haves food and stuff for them to have so that they can live for another day. Anne talked about how lovely the day is and how beautiful the clouds are. anne says “you know what I do when it seems as if I couldn't stand being cooped up for one more minute.”(431) this shows hope because she's saying that she wants to live long enough to be outside again.

We must show courage when faced with obstacles.

The theme for diary of Anne frank is we must show courage when faced with obstacles. An example for we show courage, Anne going into hiding. In her diary she says “it's the silence in the night that frightens me the most.”(381) this shows courage because although Anne is scared , she continues on. Another example of courage ismip and mr kraler helping the Jews. Anne writes, “if the nazis found out they were hiding us they would suffer the same fate that we would”(381). Mr kraler and miep shows courage because they do not have to help and be in harm's way, but they do because it's the right thing to do. A 3rd example is when they are found by the green police. In the play it say, she is no longer a child, but a woman with courage to meet whatever lies ahead”(443). This shows that Anne has the courage to face what comes next. mr frank tells about how hard it will be when they go into hiding but then said there are no walls there are no bolts. No lock that anyone can put on your mind(379).

Bio of Mr. Frank

Mr. Frank was a successful business man who had to go into hiding with his family in world war 2 because they were Jews. He's was born on May 12 , 1889 . He was born at Frankfurt am main, Germany. On August 1909-1911 he leave to New York to gain work experience. Otto goes to amsterd and sets up the opekta company and becomes director. After world war 2 he moves to Switzerland and dies there. He dies in August 19, 1980.

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