Room 3 News

Mrs. McCarthy

Week ofMarch 22, 2016

Dad's Club Pancake Breakfast 7:30

School Assembly 8:35

Fitness Friday

Language Arts - Review Week for Unit 4

Comprehension Skill: Make Inferences

Comprehension Strategy: Summarize

Phonics: words with -arm. -arn, -art

Spelling Words: knew, grew, would, house, cart, barn, arm, art, yarn, harm, chart, smart

Dictation: How far is the park is from here?

You can see the stars when it is dark.

Grammar: Comparative Adjectives

High Frequency Words: grew, house, knew, would, curious, idea

Robust Vocabulary: career, fascinating, improve, investigate, curious

Eureka Math

We will begin Module 4. This is a really fun module. Students will really dig deep in exploring numbers greater than 100!

Parent Information


**Students had the privilege of speaking (through Skype) with an Engineer at NASA regarding satellelites.

*In addition to the unit on "organisms," first grade is beginning a NASA unit on satellites. This unit will last several weeks. Do you have any information on satellites? Send it our way.

If you are interested in exploring more about satellites with your child, go here.

Students will work in teams to design satellites on Wed.

All organisms have external parts that they can use to capture and convey information to help them survive and grow.