CSHS Tech Tip of the Week

November 7, 2016

Technology in the Classroom Survey

As mentioned at the staff meeting on Tuesday, the following survey results will help the iTeam develop and support your needs with technology in the classroom. This also gives us valuable data as to what is currently being used in the classroom. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey using the link below.

Twitter for Teachers

Have you thought about using Twitter before? Do you have a Twitter account and aren't sure where to start? A great place to begin with Twitter is to search for information that is valuable to you. Two ways you can do this is to follow a Twitter Chat and search for information using a hashtag. Below are two buttons - the first will take you to a list of over 300 educational hashtags and the second is a calendar of educational Twitter chats.

Here are some local hashtags and accounts you may be interested in following as well:

#wcpsmdchat - Washington County Public Schools Twitter Chat (Occurs every first and third Tuesday of every month at 8 p.m.)

#BlazerPride - Follow and share the amazing things happening here at Clear Spring!

@CSHSBlazers - Clear Spring High School Twitter Page

@CSHSFBLA - Clear Spring High School FBLA

@CSHS6th - Home of the Clear Spring Blazers sports news

@CSHSCounseling - An academic and post-secondary planning resource for Clear Spring High School students and parents.

@CSHSBlazerBand - Clear Spring High School Band

@CSHSFFA - Clear Spring High School FFA

@CSBlazerFB - Clear Spring Blazer Football

@mrskellyhistory - Mrs. Kelly's Twitter page :)

Google Docs + Collaboration/Discussion

Using Google Docs as a collaboration tool for discussion is a great way to integrate technology in the classroom. Do you have a current news article, a primary source, or a reading excerpt you would like students to read and discuss? Copy and paste the reading into a Google Doc, highlight and comment on a section with a discussion question. Share the document by giving students the link or posting it on your Google Classroom. Have students answer and discuss the question as they read.

The link below take you to more detailed instructions on this type of activity.

This following idea was found in a Twitter chat by Richard Byrnes from FreeTech4Teachers.com.

Want to Incorporate More Technology into your Lessons?

Steve is available Mods 1 or 2.

Amy is available Mods 2 and 6.