News from 1A

Week of May 4th-8th

Rocking out with their glue sticks during a brain break!!

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Coming Up Next Week

-Monday May 4th- P.E. Day (wear tennis shoes)

-Tuesday May 5th- Music & Library Day

Book Fair Purchase

-Wednesday May 6th- P.E. Day (wear tennis shoes)

Website Wednesday

-Thursday May 7th - Art

Austin Family Picnic

-Friday May 8th- P.E. Runners Club (wear tennis shoes)

Mother's Day Dessert

Working on Telling Time!

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Working on Telling Time!!

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What are we learning?

ELA focus: Spelling the days of the week, review punctuation and the writing process

Math: Continue with fractions and Introduction to Financial Responsibility

Science: Plants/Animals and life cycles

Social Studies: Learning all the different types of landforms.

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Learning about Landforms and Food Chains!! Blended Learning!!

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Spelling Words

This week we are going to have the days of the week for our spelling list.

Spelling List:

1. Sunday

2. Monday

3. Tuesday

4. Wednesday

5. Thursday

6. Friday

7. Saturday

Starting Friday Morning off with a little exercise!!!

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Cluster Showcase

May Birthdays

I don't think we have any May birthdays but if I missed someone please let me know!

Cluster Showcase!!

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Dates For Your Calendar

May 5th- Our classes gets to purchase books at the book fair.

May 7th- Austin Family Picnic

May 8th- Mother's Day Dessert in the class

May 15th- Field Day

Cluster Showcase!!

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