Intermediate SAGE

5th grade

Unit of Study Updates!

Spring is here, and our students have been working hard to expand their knowledge and skill sets! They've also been preparing artifacts to share what they've learned at our Unit of Study Showcases! Read on to see more about the exciting things going on at SAGE in recent weeks!
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Pixar Animation

During third quarter, creative teams developed plans for a winter animation featuring a storyboard, background, props, and special effects such as Eye Pop, Throwing Fast with a Wind-up, and Snow Splash. They continued their investigation into Pixar practices learning about the math and science used to create smooth surfaces in Character Modeling. Next, students created original characters using design elements such as type, color, shape, hairstyle, body build, clothing, & posture. A well-designed character has the quality of relatability, so students learned to sketch character emotions.

The Pixar Animation OPEN HOUSE will be held on Thursday, May 9. Animation students and their families are invited to visit anytime between 5:00 and 6:30 PM!

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Fifth grade broadcasting students have been busy creating SAGE news shows to share with the other classes at the NIC! They have been taking turns in important roles including director, technical director, anchor, floor director, on-air talent and teleprompter operator. Students have also been busy writing scripts, conducting interviews, filming and creating packages, and so much more! You can check out some of our broadcasts on Youtube at We also had the opportunity to take a field trip to Fox 4 and learn more real-world broadcasting opportunities!

The Broadcasting OPEN HOUSE will be held on Wednesday, May 15. Broadcasting students and their families are invited to visit anytime between 4:30 and 5:30 PM!

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First Lego League

This semester, our FLL teams continued to work on the three core components of FLL—the project, core values, and the robot game. For the project, the FLL teams have designed a solution for their project and have been working on the next step—present their project in a fun and creative way! Teams were encouraged to use the talents of all their team members to brainstorm and create a skit that covers all the essential information from their team’s project. Teams continued to practice the fundamental elements of teamwork and coopertition by participating in teambuilding activities each week. For the Robot Game, the teams worked on designing a robot using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® to complete as many missions on the LEGO table in two and half minutes that they could.

The FLL OPEN HOUSE will be held on Wednesday, May 15. FL students and their families are invited to visit anytime between 4:30 and 5:30 PM!

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NASA's Journey to Mars

The 5th grade Journey to Mars students are putting the final touches on their Mars colony models. Throughout the process, they have had to synthesize information in order to think through the description and ultimate function of each structure they have built. They are anxious to share what they have learned with others at their UOS Showcase on May 9.

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Outbreak - the Science of Disease

This past quarter, students conducted labs to study the effect of different substances on microbial growth. Students have also started examine data related to the increase in incidence of Rocky Mountain Spotted fever in the US. In addition, students completed their case study in regard to the E. coli outbreak. They specifically have been using evidence from maps, patient interviews, and research reports to determine the source of this outbreak. They have been working on a presentation that highlights their findings, as well as the evidence that supports their findings. They will present these presentations at our student showcase on May 9th. It will be held from 5:00 – 6:30 in the science area of the NIC.

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Arduinos, Laser Cutters, 3-D Printing Shark Tank

This quarter the focus has been on implementing the design process to create an original product using the skills we have learned this year to solve a problem or challenge. The students identified a problem or challenge, brainstormed solutions, planned their designs, built their designs, and in many cases, redesigned their projects once they tested and evaluated their projects. All of the students will be presenting their projects to a panel of judges in the coming weeks!

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A challenge for us in learning Spanish is getting to practice only once a week for 30 minutes. Despite that, students have picked up quite a few phrases that allow them to describe themselves and others. We've been having fun with a video series in which the main character, Victor, thinks he is muy guapo (very handsome). Our culminating project will be to create a family album. In it, students will write Spanish phrases describing hair and eye color, along with several physical and personal traits. I’m so proud of the problem solving and creativity these students have demonstrated this year. I will miss this group as they move on to 6th grade in the fall.