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10 Sugar facts you may not know.

Sugar Facts

Sugars have been blamed for causing everything from cavities to obesity and a lot of conditions in between. Here are the facts about sugars to help you decide how to sensibly incorporate sugars into your diet.

  1. Not all sugars are the same.
  2. Dental cavities are caused by bacteria , not sugar.
  3. Sugars do not cause obesity, diabetes or other serious diseases.
  4. Sugars do not cause hyperactivity.
  5. Sugar is no addictive.
  6. Eliminating sugars from your diet is not necessary in order to lose weight.
  7. Moderate amounts of sugars are part of healthful diet.
  8. Glycemic index ratings are not practical for most people to use.
  9. People with diabetes can include some foods with sugar as part of their total diet.
  10. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) does not cause obesity.