Fall Conferences

A&C at Alliance High School at Meek

Fall Conferences

Meek teachers will be scheduling student/parent/advisor conferences soon. If you have a specific scheduling need, please contact your student's advisor as soon as possible.

Conference appointments will be available during the day and evening on November 25th and during the day of the 26th. Call the school at (503) 916-5747 or email Amy Taramasso or Tom Kane to make a conference appointment.

How is my student doing?


Synergy's ParentVUE can be used to access your student’s grades, attendance information, and also to communicate with teachers. See the information below about how to create your account.

How do I get an account?

Parents who supplied an email address to Portland Public Schools and validated their email address, were emailed their login information on September 30. Parents and guardians for whom we do not have a valid email address were mailed home their login information on October 11th.

Haiku LMS

Students who are taking courses with Haiku component can view their coursework and progress there. Check with your student for more information about individual classes. Parents can log into Haiku as well—send an email to Ms. Taramasso to request an account.

Student Progress

Many students are continuing work from Term 1: classes such as Biology, Foundations of Physics and Chemistry, Algebra, and Geometry will continue into Term 2 before students earn credit.

If your student did not complete credit from Term 1 for classes that have ended, encourage them to continue to work on it and wrap up credit as soon as possible. If you have questions, ask your student or their instructor for more information.

Automotive: John Billups

Language Arts: Jerry Eaton

Social Studies, Language Arts, SINQ: Tom Kane

Algebra: Reese McLean

Manufacturing & Robotics: Paul Reetz

Biology: Alexis Howell-Kubler

Arts & Communication & LA: Amy Taramasso

SDI: Elsie Thompson

Health, US History, & Stained Glass: Vonda VanFarowe

Geometry & FPC: Michael Vossen