L.A. 6th weeks project

By: Trevor

Revising and Editing Techniques-

One of the Revising and Editing Techniques is called Rainbow Editing.

Sensory Language-

Using your 5 senses to create an image.

Sight- The roller coaster zoomed by.

Smell- The sewers stench broke my nose.

Sound- The loud cars ran past my ears.

Feel- The pain rushed to my hands as a fell.

Taste- The sizzling in my mouth felt hot.

Point of View-

1st Person Point of View- When a character talks about themselves.

Ex: I, Me, My, We

3rd Person Point of View- When the author refers to themselves.

Ex: They, He, She

Types of Narratives-

Science Fiction- A genre of fiction that usually takes place in the future or space.

Mystery- A type of story where something is lost or someone lost who has to be found.

Fantasy- A make believe story.

Time Travel- A story where someone goes back in time to usually fix something or just for the fun of it.