West Africa

By Corey Jackson

About west Africa

My great great great ancestors were born in west Africa. They were once independent until one day The slave trade force them to go into American ships and had to be slaves in America. In America they had to farm and work.

What food did they have

African foods are plentiful and varied. Rich in dietary fiber and often organic,they present a healthy choice when eaten in the right combination.

What is the Language of Liberia?

Liberia is a multilingual country where more than thirty languages are spoken. English is the official language.

What capital and continent does west Africa have

Monrovia Liberia is the capital of west Africa.

Africa is the continent of west Africa.

The government of west Africa

West Africa is the democratic today. They voted for autonomy in 1958 and became independent. West Africa has suffered from dictatorships, corruption, and civil wars.

Major industries of west Africa

The mineral industry

The cocoa industry

The fishing industry

The coffee industry

The banana industry

The currency of west Africa

The currency of West Africa is LRD stands for Liberian dollar.

School system of west Africa

Education in Africa: consisted of groups (edlers) teaching aspects of life and rituals

Popular sport of west Africa

The most popular sport is football.In west Africa football means soccer.

Fun facts

Africa is the most popular and only black continent in the world. West Africa is the second largest continent in the world. Africa is known for joining other continents.

West Africa foods

West Africans will give there meals taste with chillies peppers or sauces such as peanut.

An example of the foods that they have is Fufu. This is made from root vegetables such as yams, cocoyams, or cassava

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