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Promoting Great Things in a Great School District

Great Start to the School Year!

In my 20 years in education, I have never been a part of such a smooth start. I would like to thank the staff and teachers of Spring Hill ISD for all of the planning, preparation, and organization in making this start of school SHISD's best ever! This past Monday, the board of Trustees passed a balanced budget that will not only increase teachers salaries but, take care of some much-needed maintenance, technology infrastructure, band instruments and even add money to our fund balance (news-journal article below).

Enrollment is up....way up! On the 1st day of school, SHISD had 1880 students enrolled. As of today, we are up to 1965. We are inching closer to the elusive 2000 student mark. In addition to the new enrollment, we have several new programs offered to our students this year and classrooms have already kicked off digital learning opportunities for students. This increased enrollment will allow SHISD to purchase even more technology devices to expand our digital learning initiative.

Last Friday was a terrific end to the first week as the Panthers were victorious over Troup and in spite of the rain, the new bleachers were full of faithful panther fans cheering on the team, the band, and the pacesetters.

This is going to be a great year! It is a great time to be a Spring Hill Panther!

  • Mr. Lind, I am writing to express a HUGE THANK YOU for the way y'all hosted our Troup Band. Randy Kiser and his JH director were so nice and cordial to us, allowing our band to sit through the rain and lightning storm in the JH band hall. Also, the boosters brought our meal to us. Spring Hill is a class act. I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your accommodations. Randy went so far as to send me a video on where to go once we got there. Although it was a horrible night, Spring Hill brought a ray of sunshine to us. Congratulations on being the principal of such a great district! ~ Neil (Troup ISD).

  • Mr. Lind, Just wanted you to know how professional and kind and thoughtful Randy Kiser is. You probably already know that. He went out of his way to make sure we knew how to find the stadium and where to park. He made sure we had a place to take the band during the rain and lightning. He is well known in the "band world" for being a great band director and has judged our bands many times at UIL contests. The Spring Hill Band sounded great Friday night! The SH band boosters were very courteous to us, also. They brought the sandwiches, chips, and drinks to the junior high band hall for us. Hope you have a great year!! ~ (Troup ISD)

  • Good Afternoon, Mr. Snell! We have been notified that our COST REPORT for SHARS was approved and ready for us to accept for the year ended 9-30-2014. Please know that the preparation of this report is a joint venture that included Gloria Willeford, Tony White, Penny Fleet, Tana Bray and myself. It would not be possible without input from each of these departments and their dedication to collecting the data as required. ~ Barbara Shurbet

  • Billy Miller...Mr. Miller and his team worked so hard to get the intermediate ready for meet the teacher and the school year! Mr. Miller even had a group work on the 5th-grade flowerbed! This really helped the front of the building look it's best for the first day! I appreciate that Mr. Miller and his team were prompt to get keys cut for our staff that lost their parking spaces in front of the 5th-grade building also! The quick response of his team allowed the teachers to get their new routine down without being inconvenienced very long! Thank you Mr. Miller! ~ Amy Doron

  • Karen Plumlee...Karen is part of technology in SHISD and has been so helpful to us as we have worked through printing challenges and wifi challenges. Karen always greets staff with a smile and has a great personality that puts us at ease even if we are frustrated with a situation beyond anyone's control! We are really enjoying getting to know Karen! ~ Amy Doron
  • Kim Campbell...with the new online enrollment Kim was faced with some new opportunities to learn more about Skyward! Throughout the entire process, Kim has been professional and willing to help whomever needed to enroll, interrupt or ask any questions! Kim has been a huge help to all of us in the office and made this transition to online go smoothly because she is dedicated to finding answers and solving problems! Kim is a true example of a premier team member! ~ Amy Doron
  • Carrie Jones' Child Development class came to read with Mrs. Moore's Kindergarten class. These high school students will come every week to read and interact with our Primary students! Thank you!!!

Students and Teachers Have Already Jump Started Digital Learning at Spring Hill Jr. High

Kudos goes out to Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Haney for setting up and organizing the new 8th grade Advanced English digital classroom. This lab setting will help students maximize their exposure to technology-infused instruction that focuses on 21st century learning skills. Critical thinking, group discussion, and project-based learning, drive the curriculum and focus of this classroom setting as students utilize many new resources and applications to enhance their overall learning process. Kudos also goes out to Mrs. Miller and Ms. Strohsahl for collaborating with lead librarian, Becky Jones, on taking a digital approach to learning about literary genres. Utilizing the new Google Chrome books and a new online application called Mentimeter, the teachers maximized student interaction and discussion about this traditional unit of study.

Pride the Panther!

Please help SH Intermediate congratulate their first recipient of Pride the Panther Award. This family member has been a shining star from the first time she stepped on the intermediate campus. She shares new ideas with her team and takes risks in her classroom. Her teammates say that she is a fun-loving asset to their team and that she helps to make their team strong. Mrs. Doron truly appreciates Mrs. Patak "seeing the potential" in kids and the teamwork at the Intermediate! Mrs. Patak voices what so many teachers feel each day. This is truly the attitude of a premier teacher! Mrs. Patak was SHIS' first recipient of the Pride Award for her great attitude. Next week Mrs. Patak will get to reward another employee for their appreciated efforts by passing on the panther named "Pride" to someone else!

Great Article for New (and Veteran) Teachers

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Images from the 1st Game on the New Turf. Spring Hill Wins 25-15!

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