Making Digital Curricula Meaningful

A Webinar Review by Kimberly King

Three Guiding Principals for Digital Curricula

  • There must be an instructional framework attached to using the digital curricula
  • Digital curricula will reignite teacher's creativity in teaching, something stifled in the last few years
  • Digital curricula has the potential to move instruction to the next level

Defining Digital Curriculum

Digital Curriculum Defined

About the Video

This is a teacher created video that provides simple explanations and examples of digital curriculum. It also briefly explores how using digital curriculum has an impact on students, and reason to consider why teachers should use digital curriculum. Finally, it expels misconceptions about digital curriculum.

Webinar Reflection

Webinars provide a convenient, self-paced method for participating in professional development and keeping current with the latest education technology trends. This particular webniar was presented on the ED Week Webinar series back in May 2013. I viewed the archive of this presentation. It is very advantageous to be able to view archived webinars, especially when casts are presented at inconvenient hours. The archive was easy to view, and in some regards, I consider this better than seeing the live version. From this archive, I could stop and rewind as I needed to catch any missed information.

Link to Webinar archived.

More on Digital Curricula

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This supplement focuses on digital content. Articles include teacher views on digital content. Then the journal addition shifts to specific subject areas and how digital content can be incorporated in them.

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