Vote Abby Hooker

For BPHC Vice President

Do you want a fun, responsible Vice President who is committed to improving your life as a resident of Bradley-Paterson?

Here are some of the things I stand for:

  • Fun social events
  • Organization within BPHC
  • Uniting Bradley-Paterson as one residence and one family
  • Creating a positive resident culture within the hall
  • Making a large university small by building community within BP
  • Building a positive reputation for BP in the greater university setting
  • Listening to the ideas and requests of all residents through my representation
  • Service projects and dedication to the community

I have 2 years of experience being the editor-in-chief of my high school's newspaper publication, and have the skill set to communicate with administration, residents, and other council members. I also have experience organizing events, fundraisers, and working with others to improve our publication, and I know we can improve BP.

Come visit me on Bradley floor 3 and say, "Hi!"