Harry Potter Chamber Of Secrets

By J.K.Rowling


A young wizard named Harry Potter is going into his second year at Hogwarts. Hogwarts is a school for Wizard and Witches. While Harry Potter is packing his bag to go to Hogwarts Harry receives a warning from a house elf that says he must not go to Hogwarts or disaster will strike. During Harry Potters second year at Hogwarts disasters really strikes. First Harry potter crashes his best friends dads car into a whipping willow. Than some one is turning Hogwarts students into stone. No one seems to know who it is. Who could it be ? Could it be the evil Draco Malfoy.


I choose this book because it is a good tale and is a good book for all sorts of readers. My opinion of this book it its really good. It talks about cool things that i would want to be in the future. My favorite part of the book is when the Gryfondor Quditch team win the tournament. I liked this book a lot. Its such an amazing story on how every thing comes together. i would recommend this book for all sorts of Ages and i give this book 5 stars.
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Trailer

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