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By: Stephanie Stull

Herman Cain

I believe that Herman Cain had a vision of how he would make the United States better. He also had the confidence, perseverance, and ability to delegate to be able to win the presidential campaign. Some reasons why I feel he lost the election are because he lacked openness when listening to others and didn't always think through what he was saying before he said it. Advice I would give him on how he could've avoided losing support for his campaign would be to ask people around you what type of problems they feel are occurring and use it to make your plan better. Cain has a fair, flat tax plain, but it wasn't well developed enough for people to get a good idea of how it would help him. Herman Cain could also thought through what he was saying and practice his speeches before giving them. This would show his dedication and maturity to make him a better candidate to become president. He lacked these two skills when he joked about building an electric fence on the United States border to keep out illegal immigrants. Many people could see this as offensive and if he can't think through how his jokes could impact a nation, what is going to happen if he makes a joke like that with another nations leader and they take it the wrong way? Overall, my advice to Herman Cain would be to consider other people's ideas, practice speeches, show more maturity, and to think about what kind of impact his words can have on others.
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Herman Cain: Presidential Campaign 2012

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Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher had an idea to change the tax funding local government from a property tax to a poll tax. This means that each household would pay the exact same dollar amount rather than a short of their property value. Thatcher is known for being a very well rounded leader and this idea shows her creativity, vision, perseverance, and openness. What went wrong with this idea is that she threatened to disenfranchise and take away peoples right to vote if they didn't pay. By doing this it cause protests and the division of her own conservative party. My advice to Thatcher on how she could've avoided losing support would be to work on her communication skills by thinking through what she is going to say and do beforehand. Margaret thatcher should've taken time to cool down and think through how to implement her idea without being unreasonable. An idea of how she could've done this would be by giving a speech explaining what exactly fixed rate local tax is and why it would be more beneficial than the system they were using. By working on this specific leadership skill I believe that Margaret Thatchers idea might have actually benefited England and she also wouldn't have had to resign in 1990.
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Margaret Thatcher: Prime Minister of England

  • Conservative
  • The First Female Prime Minister of England

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