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Ms. Akpaidem's ELA and Humanities Class

Summary of Week

This week we have been working on plot structure and identifying cause and effect relationships within the text. The goal was for students to understand how certain behaviors and character traits impact the events of the story.

I can use cause and effect to determine how character's interactions lead to conflicts within the plot.

Within this learning target, our focus is on identifying and analyzing conflict within stories. Character vs. character; character vs. nature; character vs. self; character vs. society. With this we can identify how these impact interactions between characters and develops the plot further.


Nightly Reading

Students should continue documenting their reading on their reading logs with a book of their choice.


At least three times a night, students should be logging onto i-Ready. My amazing team teacher, Ms. Fryer, has written all user names on bookbags of students. All passwords are: monarchbalt. Finally, the website is


There will be a vocabulary aspect to homework starting next week. Next week's focus will be antonyms and synonyms. However, there will be some content based words infused, as well as fifth grade level words. Students should study words nightly and choose one of the words to represent through a small project by the end of the week.

Next week's vocabulary words are:

  1. attract
  2. repel
  3. certain
  4. doubtful
  5. probably
  6. unlikely
  7. revolutionary
  8. unforgettable
  9. stimulus
  10. response

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we are preparing for Wingspan on December 17th. Students will have a performance that they have been working on in Drama class and they will synthesize historical information in a unique way. Hope to see you there!