What go down in Haitian with Docs

This is about baby doc and papa doc and what went down

Jean-Claude Duvalier information

  • baby doc kids.Nicolas Duvalier was his son and

    Anya Duvalier was his daughter

  • Baby doc left the office in 1986 he was forced to leave he did no good for the country

  • Jean-Claude Duvalier (July,3 1951-October,4 2014)

  • Michèle Bennett this was baby docs first wife 1980–1993

  • baby doc came to be known, was educated entirely in Haiti. although substantively his rule did not markedly differ from his father's often brutal tyranny.

Francois Duvalier information

  • Simone Duvalier was papa docs first wife 1913-1997
  • papa doc had completed a degree in medicine from the University of Haiti in 1934.
  • papa docs kids.Jean-Claude Duvalier was his son

    Marie‑Denise Duvalier was 1 out of 3 girls

    Simone Duvalier was another 1 of the girls

    Nicole Duvalier was another one of the girls

  • Papa doc died in office from a disease

Francois Duvalier (April,14 1907-April,21 1971)