4B post assessment

by Kevin Snipes

Examples of vocabulary words

I chose to do the group home my parents work at as my group. An example of the Asch experiment would be when we are all in a group people tend to agree on the majority rules for an idea or what we should have for dinner. An example of the Zimbardo experiment would be my parents have authority over me, and the boys in the cottage and if me or the boys do something wrong, they can ground us. An example of the Milgram experiment would be when my parents ask the boys something and they are disrespectful, they might get in trouble. Thats why most of the boys are obedient.

Examples Cont.

Me and the boys usually felt pretty comfortable around each other. Sometimes, when a boy did something bad and got in trouble, one of the other boys watched them getting in trouble and then thought that they would get in trouble. This is fundamental attribution error. When the boys and I try to agree on what we want for dinner and agree even though i don't want what they agree on, we use group polarization. But when we all agree on the same thing, this would be group think. The last example would be one of self serving bias. An example of this would be When we are playing basketball and we win, I saw its because i did all the work. But if we lose, then i saw its because of my other teammates.